Saturday, January 20, 2018

Just Released: In Full Flight

This is my third release for January! In Full Flight written as Carlie Simonsen. You can find it on Smashwords (in all formats), Amazon (Kindle and paperback), DriveThruFiction (PDF), and via Smashwords, Draft2Digital and CreateSpace distribution.

Jack’s dad has a secret—a sad secret. He has never told Jack how he lost his wings. One day he does, and Jack’s world changes. At the same time, someone from his parents’ past comes into their present, and they must work out how to stop things from the past happening all over again.

In Full Flight is the third book in the Wings chapter book series, set around a family with wings and bird-like feet. This book is darker than the other two, dealing with themes of difference, discrimination at a state level, and finding a place to belong.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Monday, January 15, 2018

Progress Report: January 7-13, 2018

In the week just gone, I wrote 38,000 words on the first novel in the series now known as Mack’n’Me’n’Odyssey (previously it was just called Mack 'n' Me). I also discovered that I was writing a new novel, rather than finishing off the last 84,000 words of an older one. Beyond that, the week was pretty quiet.

Progress: January 7-13, 2018

  • New words produced: 38,358
  • Outlines and Notes: 1,051
  • Works completed: Nil
  • Works edited: Nil
  • Covers created: Nil
  • Works published: Nil
  • Works submitted: Nil
  • Competitions Entered: Nil
  • Bloggery: Nil
  • Hours at Desk: 47 hours, 16m.
  • Hours January 1-6: 38 hours, 19m
Goal Progress
Publish Fortnightly: Weekly pre-releases have already been uploaded to the end of January, 2018. Stories have been written to cover the release schedule to the first week of February 2018, and the second release for that month has been fully outlined. This goal is currently on track.

Short Story/Month Goal: So far, the short story, The Queens’ Game, has been released for January 2017, and  stories have been written, but not yet published, for February through to June, 2017: Reluctant Liaison, Memory’s Vampire, Dreams of the Serpent, Destiny’s Queen, and Harper’s Choice. This goal is on track.

Chapter Book/Month Goal: So far, one chapter book, In Full Flight, has been uploaded for pre-release on January 20, 2017, and the outline for February’s chapter book is now complete. This goal is currently on track.


Novel/Quarter Goal: So far, I have released 1 young-adult novel for Quarter 1, A Planet’s Ransom, and completed the first 38,000 words of the novel due for the second quarter, as well as the outline to complete it. This goal is currently on track.

Publishing 12-Months Ahead Goal: I am going to follow the same pattern for next year’s work, as I am for this year. This means publishing 12-months’ worth of short stories and 12-months’ worth of chapter books, and 1 novel each quarter. I have yet to start on the short stories and chapter books for this goal.

Finishing-Series-I-Have-Started Goal: At the start of the year, I named several series that I wanted to advance. For C.M. Simpson, these were the: Freeman, The Priestess, the Prince & Dragon, Aggie & Tams series; and for Carlie Simonsen they were the: Wings and Tag Man One series. So far, I have uploaded In Full Flight for pre-release, for the Wings series. This goal is on track.

Finishing-Novels-Started-2017 Goal: At the start of the year I said I wanted to finish some novels started last year. I mentioned Mack ‘n’ Me, Arach. I forgot about the second book in the Aggie & Tams series, the second book in The Priestess, Prince & the Dragon series.

Last week, I started work on the Mack ‘n’ Me 'n' Odyssey series. The good news is that the first book is now a third complete. The bad news is that the work already completed on it had to be moved to a second book, and I started work on this one from almost scratch. Of course, the good news is also that there are now three books and one anthology planned for this series, and should all be completed by the end of the year.

Anthology Challenge Progress

The Anthology Challenge is to release one collection of short work each month in 2019. When I began this challenge, I had completed four collections, but had to compile, cover, edit and upload any. The current status for each collection is as follows:

January—Short Work for 2017, Volume 1: Completed and collated at 98,000 words, requires cover, front and end matter, editing, formatting and publication;

February—Short Work for 2017, Volume 2: Completed, requires collation editing, and publication;
March—Tales from Odyssey: 79,824/90,000 words;

April—An Anthology of Bloodlines: 46,510/90,000 words;

May—Pixie-Dust Dreaming: 53,020/90,000 words;

June—The Story-Match Challenge 2015: Completed at 102,655 words, requires collation, editing, and publication;

July—The Story-A-Week Catch-Up Collection: Completed at 91,491, requires collation, editing and publication;

August—Another Anthology of Dragons: 43,311/90,000 words;

September—Tales from When the Trolls Came: 21,815/90,000 words;

October—Stories from the Lizardine: 31,493/90,000 words;

November—Tales from Tallameera: 19,902/90,000 words; and

December—Another 366 Days of Poetry: 0/90,000 words.

Extension—Another 366 Days of Flash Fiction: 0/90,000 words.
Chapter-Book-Collection Challenge Progress

The Chapter-Book-Collection Challenge is to release one collection of chapter books each month in 2020. When I began this challenge, I had not completed any of the proposed collections. The current status for each collection is as follows:

January—Wings: 3 of 4 proposed volumes completed; existing stories compiled with updated front and back matter;

February—Rocky: previously known as the Otherworld series; 5 of 6 proposed volumes completed;
March—Wheelchair Romance: currently included in the Wheelchair Adventures series; 3 of 4 proposed of volumes completed;

April—Granny Finds Adventures: 0 of 6 proposed volumes completed, but overviews are completed for the first three, and a full outline is done for the first volume;

May—Tag Man One: 1 of 4 proposed volumes completed;

June—Long Hair Collected: 1 of 6 proposed volumes completed;

July—Ribbondrake Riders: 1 of 4 proposed volumes completed;

August—On Patrol Collection: 1 of 4 proposed volumes completed;

September—Running with the Pack: 1 of 4 proposed volumes completed;

October—Traveller’s Tales: 1 of 4 proposed volumes completed;

November—Marcus Drain’s Collected Adventures; 0 of 6 proposed volumes completed;

December—The Dear Tiger Letters: 1 of 4 proposed volumes completed.