Friday’s Flash—The Del Marina Betrayal

Last week we had a very short piece of military science fiction. This week, it's a piece of science fiction much closer to the oceans of our home world, and it forms the February 8th entry in 365 Days of Flash Fiction.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Del Marina Betrayal
In the laboratories of Santos del Marina we saw many things: sea cows that gave milk humans could drink, leafy dragons that breathed a storm of sharp, poisonous shards, puffer fish able to propel spiral shell-boats, and sea jellies the colour of rainbows, which tasted like strawberries and peaches. We didn’t see what Santos was doing to the whales, and we really shoulda seen through his quiet smile and calm façade. Twenty-eight days after he’d started, the first whale dared approach us for help—the only one who didn’t think we already knew of Santos’s mischief and condoned it. At first we recoiled, and then we struck. We visited the del Marina laboratory unannounced and…

Wednesday’s Verse—Will You?

This week’s verse moves from fantasy to something maybe a bit more suited to a futuristic Valentine's Day Eve. It is taken from Another 365 Days of Poetry, a collection of mixed-genre poetry to be released later in the year, once both collection and cover are complete.

Will You?

Didja wanna go out wiv me? Didja? Didja? Do ya wanna come see a movie? Do ya? Will ya walk wiv me awhile? Just a little way. Maybe just a little mile? And will ya smile?
Well, will you?
I’ve come a very long way since then, since when we ran in bare feet, from shadow to shadow down the burning summer street. I’ve been to university, seen the stars, served my planet, helped stop wars, and all that time, my mind turned back to those times when I’d wait to walk with you all the way to school, and back again, to spend a little time with you, where you wouldn’t be hassled by parents, or teased by friends, and I thought that, maybe, just before I went away, yo…

Tuesday’s Short—Banquet at Magic Mountain