Wednesday’s Verse—Hunters of the Deep

This week’s verse moves from an urban fantasy rhyme about trolls and bridges to a fantasy terza rima about mermaids. It is taken from Another 365 Days of Poetry, a collection of mixed-genre poetry to be released later in the year, once both collection and cover are complete.

Hunters of the Deep
In deepest seas the mermaids swim with joy cresting waves, and surfing spray, ’neath night sky mermaids sing their songs and with hearts do toy
seeking all men who sail the great ships by, the mermaids look for sails and voice their song, luring all those who hear their haunting cry
Sung both loud and sweet and the whole night long their enchantment entwines both soul and heart It takes the mind and will of good and strong
Until from the tall decks they do depart plunging from the deck to the mermaids’ ploy ans’ring the call of song-spun lust and heart
Soon caught in mermaids’ arms are sailors bouyed and carried swiftly deep for merm…

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