Pre-Release Available—Mack ‘n’ Me: The Transporter’s Favour

I’m excited to announce that Mack ‘n’Me: The Transporter’s Favour, the fourth book in the Mack ‘n’ Me ‘n’ Odyssey series will release, in ebook form, four days before Christmas. You can PREORDER IT NOW from most major ebook retailers.

Abby hauled me off the ship before Tens had a chance to stop her—and that’s okay, because I already owed Abs a favour. In fact, it was better than okay, because it showed us how much trouble we hadn’t known we were in. But going against the Star Shadow hunt pack? Nullifying their contract to keep ourselves unchained and at large? That was gonna be something else entirely.
Mack ‘n’ Me: The Transporter’s Favour is the fourth science-fiction novel set in the Odyssey universe.
NOTE: The main character swears like a sailor, and the support cast aren’t much better. If swears bother you, this this story may not be to your taste.

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November 2018 Progress Overview

November had a tricky start, and was spent writing the second novel in the current fantasy series, as well as writing a piece of flash, and two short stories: one for December (coming out this Friday), and one for Fireside Creation’s upcoming Apocalyptic Space Anthology, Vol. 2, which was accepted on Monday, making a great start to the week and the month of December:

Progress: November 2018 Administrative Hours: 25 hours, 23 minutesAcceptances: 0Bloggery: 0New words produced: 90,979Outlines and Notes: 14,697Words compiled: 273,574 (Mack ‘n’ Me ‘n’ Odyssey Omnibus #1)Works completed:4 (1 short-story submission, one novel under contract, 1 piece of flash, Where Else but Waverran)Works edited: 3 (1 short-story submission, 1 novel under contract, Mack ‘n’ Me ‘n’ Odyssey Omnibus #1)Covers created: 2 (Mack ‘n’ Me ‘n’ Odyssey Omnibus #1, What Happens on Axis 58…)Works formatted: 4 (1 short-story submission, 1 novel under contra…

New Release Today—Where Else But Waverran?


Covers and Pre-Releases for December 2018