Tuesday's Short - Memory's Return

This week’s short story takes us from the creation of a science fiction vigilante to the urban fantasy world of pixie-dust crime and paranormal investigation. Welcome to Memory's Return.
I don’t remember how I got in the alley, at least, not when I first wake up—and I don’t remember the names of these friendly faces making sure I’m okay, but it’s coming back. I just wish it would come back faster, because one of these faces is all kinds of wrong underneath the friendly veneer, with an agenda all their own, and they don’t mind putting my team in danger. If I don’t remember the whos and whats and whys real soon, one, or all, of us is going to end up dead, and who’s going to save the pixies then? Memory's Return

Hands caressed me in the dark, strong hands, narrow fingered and callous palmed, but gentle.

“She’ll live.”
And I realised the hands had not been caressing me, so much as checking for injuries, and it was dark because my eyes were closed. A finger lifted one of my eyelids, and…

Carlie's Chapter 9 - Dear Tiger: Don't Look Back

LAST WEEK, Simone told Tiger just how angry FedExplore were with him. This week, Tiger reveals that someone sent an assassin after him, and he's running scared. Chapter 9 – They Tried to Shoot Me
Dear Simone,
Today, someone tried to shoot me. I think it was with a stunner, but I can’t be sure, even if the bounty FedExplore are offering is for bringing me in alive. Now, I’m wondering if there’s another one out there that just wants me dead. Tell me it’s not Odyssey. Tell me they’re okay with me, that they’re not going to hurt me when they bring me in—because I don’t know what’s going on. It all started when we got to the end of the run. They did the usual download at the comms node, and then the captain called me in. “Have you seen this?” he wanted to know, and I shook my head. I’d been down in the hold making sure things were lined up for off-loading. So then he told me to take a look. I sat down when I saw what he was pointing at. I’m worth the cost of two pallets of luxury goods—which is…