Words from Day 33 - Lunar Wolves: The Unwilling

 Yesterday, I slated writing time for after dinner... That is usually one of my more productive writing times. The only hazard with that is when I become fatigued enough that I catch myself staring at the screen for over half an hour, not having written any words. When that happens, I've learned to go to bed - and that my productivity will pick up the next day, if I do. It took a while for the message to sink in, because I'm stubborn, don't like failing, and don't like calling it quits early... but I eventually worked it out. Starting Words: 65,188 Finishing Words: 66,903 Words Written: 1,715 Other Words: 0 Other Project/Project Aspects Advanced: 2 Excerpt: In which Oliver learns that Odyssey is everywhere, and might really see all: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “That all depends on what Odyssey intend to do with us when we get there,” Oliver told him. He turned back. “An

Words from Day 29-32 - Lunar Wolves: The Unwilling

Well, it's been a busy week so far, and there's a lot more distance to travel. My private deadline was to hit between the 80-100k mark by December 20th. So far, that's on track, and I may finish this novel early, buying me time to start the second one early. This is the first book in the Lunar Wolves series, a paramilitary adventure story of two werewolves on the run from two angry corporations. Day 29 Starting Words: 54,160 Finishing Words: 58,200 Today's Words: 4,040 Other Words: 0 Extract: In which Lewis finds himself generating the necessary antibodies for Oliver to survive...and receives an unexpected visit: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lewis glanced up at him and tried to work out how much trouble he’d be in if he asked him how he was meant to drink while he was sleeping. Aiden read the question on his face, anyway. “Just drink as much as you can,” he said.