Words from Writing Mack 'n' Me: Lizardine Liaison

Last writing session did not produce a lot of words, but mostly because I needed to reference another of the stories that ties Mack, Cutter and Odyssey more closely to the lizardine and the world of Aquapearl. Timelining for this series has become a challenge, but it's also firmed up where these books stand in the rest of a diversely connected universe.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Eshvet on the other hand, cocked his head at me, his jaws parting in a slight smile. I frowned, but his gaze shifted, moving across the room as though searching for threats.I didn’t let it bother me, and neither did Mack. The lizardine psi was no worse than Mack or Tens, or… My eyes caught sight of Stepyan standing on the other side of the room, his attention torn between the world below and the room around him.Or any other assassin, I decided, finishing thought. The implications of that made me flinch and…

Words from Mack 6 - Mack 'n' Me: Lizardine Liaison

Writing has been slowly continuing on Mack 6 - which now has a title: Mack 'n' Me: Lizardine Liaison. We're still waiting on the cover, but the words are almost done. Here are some from the last writing session:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Focus!” Mack shouted, before I tried to track Eshvet’s progress…but I’d already caught sight of the movement on the stairs, the remaining two Grey Men hesitating before coming onto the landing.It didn’t matter.I hit the bottom of the stairs and was firing, even as the second man fell. Eshvet gave a startled hiss and I heard a sudden heavy thump on the stairs.Mack groaned, and I caught a vague sense of amusement from Mika’s mind. The lizardine prince was definitely grateful Delight had replaced my usual array of weaponry with stunners. If she hadn’t…What exactly is a lizardine threimdal? I wondered, bouncing over the fallen forms of the Gre…

Cover Reveal - 365 Days of Flash Fiction (3rd Edition)

I'm revamping my backlist - but you knew that already. New covers, another edit, revised front and back matter, reformatting, all of that for 14 titles, with some getting additional content, as well, and that's just the first phase. Hot off the press this morning, this cover is from Jake at JCaleb Design.

Cover Reveal - Mack 'n' Me: The Wolves of Alpha 9

The second last book in this series featuring Cutter and Mack...and the cover arrived late Thursday night. I'm almost excited! One more book to go!This cover was designed by Moonchild Lilja at Fantasy Book Design.

Words from the Editing Process - Mack 'n' Me: The Transporter's Favor

This edit is complete and I'm almost through the edit on Mack 05. There were shenanigans...and then there was training. Training with Odyssey is brutal, but it makes their missions go easier. 
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------That got my attention and I rolled to my feet, accepting Delight’s hand. From across the mats, the team came together. The guy I’d put down came in for a friendly ribbing, until Delight put the jokesters on the schedule to face me the next morning.“Easy meat,” one of them sneered, and Delight looked to me.“Take him down.”I didn’t hesitate. Guy that big? That fast? I’d take every advantage I could get—and surprise was my only friend. He was still laughing when I kicked his knee in a direction it was never meant to go, kicked him in the ribs on his way down, and followed him to the ground.Damn. Close combat with someone this size was not recommended, and the element…