Short Stories from a Cold-Blooded Business Perspective

Last week, we took a brief look at how the accepted place of short stories in a writer's career path has changed, and highlighted a few of the ways writing short stories could be viewed, now that independent publishing has come of age.

This week, we take a very brief at writing a short story from a time investment versus returns perspective.
The Cold-Blooded Business Perspective: From a business point of view, short stories don't seem like much of an investment. For one thing, you're almost certainly not likely to make your money back. If an 8,000-word short story takes a minimum of 8 hours to write (and that's if you do not outline), editing takes around another 2 (and that's only if you write cleanly), and formatting and uploading takes at least another 1 (if you have multiple platforms to publish to), you're looking at a basic minimum of 11 hours of work. At $50 an hour, that's $550 the story has to make back for you - plus the cost of a cover.


Pictures from Yesterday's Walking

So, I hurt my back. This time I was lucky, and was still mobile after it tweaked. Last time, that took a few days. The thing is sitting or standing still makes it stiffen up and hurt, so I've had to spend time away from the desk and get out and walk. Anyone playing Ingress, locally, will have noticed the increase in activity, as will my PokemonGo buddies. Anyway, after two days of this, I'm able to sit for longer at the desk, and write more. The side bonus to all this is that my wrist and elbow are getting more rest than I would have allowed them otherwise, and are hurting a lot less, too. I can type for longer periods, now, too. So - exercise, writer-folk - apparently it really is good for you.

I forgot to take pictures today, but remembered yesterday... that and I saw a blue tongue in the garden when I got home from my last walk, and that lifted my heart. Apologies for the picture quality. If I can find it, again, I'll use the other camera.Yesterday, it wasn't stoppi…

First 500 Words—The Songster & the Pirates


Progress Report: October 7-13, 2018

It's been another disrupted week, but things have still gotten done. Road-tripping aside, it's still school holidays, here, although they end soon, and things will settle back into a more normal routine. This week I've had three days where I've managed less than 5 hours of work; the rest have consisted of long hours at the desk, and I'm now feeling the warning signs of another RSI flare-up.

I may be getting too old for this kind of thing... and, I just need to find the the limits of the new limits - which I don't think I've done, yet. Working on it - hence the outrageous goals set for this month. When it comes to testing how far I can push it, they were it - and according to past experience, they should have been achievable.

Without more ado - here's what was achieved.... followed by what was not:

It's Been That Kind of A Day - Have a RoadTrip Sunset

So, after a midnight finish to the writing and research, yesterday, I slept until seven, and then had housework to catch up on. I think I managed a few hundred words on the novel, before heading up to Sydney on an errand. We left at 13:00, and got back at around 20:00. Needless to say, after cooking dinner, and putting the podling to bed, I am knackered.

About the last thing I wanted to do in the email round-up was to get my head around yet another new app because my team had decided that was the only way all players could be kept informed for an event, regardless of how they felt about it. So, yay... I get to learn another skill... I guess.

Anyway, highlight of the day was the sunset coming back from Sydney. It lifted my spirits. Let's hope it lifts yours, too.

And there was rain! Made my day.

Here's hoping your days ended just as well.

Take care out there - and stay safe.