An Update and a New Short Story Cover - River's Edge

I'm a little snowed under, right now, but I thought I'd drop in and show you the new cover I designed for August's short story release. I haven't had any time for new words in the last couple of days as I've been deep in the editing and formatting weeds, preparing Mack 'n' Me: The Transporter's Favour and River's Edge for release.

Mack 'n' Me: The Transporter's Favour is now edited and formatted, but will go through an additional beta reading step before being released, so it will be a little delayed, but is coming soon, and River's Edge is edited and formatted, and also waiting beta reading, but looks good for its scheduled release date in early August.

The rest of the week will be focused on preparing all bar the last short story for the year, and starting the fourth book in the Mack 'n' Me 'n' Odyssey series.

And here's the cover, featuring artwork and photographs sourced from the Dreamstime artists: Shsphotogra…

Progress Report—July 8-14, 2018

I got a lot done last week – never as much as I wanted, but enough that I should be content. Here’s what was achieved (in addition to the partial cover designs below):Progress: July 8-14, 2018New words produced: 30,131Outlines and Notes: 539Words compiled: 0Works completed: 22 (17 x poems; 2 x flash fiction, Mack ‘n’ Me: The Transporter’s Favour, River’s Edge, Harper & the Unicorn)Works edited: 0Covers created: 0Works formatted: 0Works published: 0Works released: 0Works submitted: 0Competitions Entered: 0Bloggery: 2,722Hours at Desk—July 8-14: 69 hours 48 minutesHours at Desk—July 1-7: 35 hours 36 minutesJune Hours at Desk: 230 hours 5 minutesMay Hours at Desk: 302 hours 6 minutesApril Hours at Desk: 167 hours 41 minutesMarch Hours at Desk: 201 hours 43 minutesFebruary Hours at Desk: 183 hours 50 minutesJanuary Hours at Desk: 180 hours 3 minutes

First Chapter—Mack ‘n’ Me: Arach

Since I’ll be releasing the fourth book in the Mack ‘n’ Me ‘n’ Odyssey series on Friday, US time, I figured I’d continue with the first chapter reads of the series so far. This week, it’s the first chapter of Mack ‘n’ Me: Arach, the third book in the series.

First Words—July 15, 2018: C.M. Simpson