Wednesday's Verse - A Lesson Learned

This week’s verse moves from a speculative fantasy verse about the coming of trolls and knights to an unsuspecting world, to an urban fantasy verse about someone's first encounter with a fairy and a troll. It is taken from Another 365 Days of Poetry, a collection of mixed-genre poetry released in 2019.

A Lesson Learned

The fairy shimmered in the pond, as it flew from tree to tree.

The fairy shimmered in the pond, but it would not fly to me.

I looked up to watch it pass, caught the briefest shine of fairy dust,

but when I looked into the pond, it had passed and I could not see.

I was sure I’d seen a fairy pass, in the still depths of the pond.

In truth it passed me well above, the lily pads and long fern fronds.

In truth it passed me well above, but it faded from the eye,

so only in the pond’s still depths could I watch the fairy fly.

The fairy passed me by with grace, but swiftly, like she flew a race,

and watching …

Tuesday's Short - Rogue Retrieval

This week’s short story takes us from the urban fantasy world of pixie dust smugglers and policing to a science fiction crime-fighting adventure. Welcome to Rogue Retrieval.
I was doing okay, right up until Mack arrived, with Delight and Pritchard in tow. Retrieved for a rescue mission, I was in more trouble than I knew, and, as if that wasn’t enough, Mack had an agenda of his own. Well, of course, he did… Rogue Retrieval

The last person I expected to see when I stepped into the restaurant with the first meals of the night, was Mack—yet there he was, large as life, and twice as mean. When I caught sight of his seven-foot figure leaning against the wall just inside the entrance, it was all I could do not to drop what I was carrying and bolt for the alley out back.

He was waiting for something, and somehow I didn’t think it was for the concierge to check the bookings in case there was a free table. The way his eyes moved over the patrons enjoying their meals, he was looking for something el…