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Art Development: Rosebuds and Gimp Backgrounds

One of the things I was curious about was how to insert different backgrounds into an image once I had isolated it... and I wanted to see what some of the effects in Gimp did when used as backgrounds.


What you Need: I usually have the following dockable dialogues visible as I work: Toolbox, Brushes,Tool Options and Layers-Gradients. You will need to be able to see these to work through the following steps.

I have assumed that you already know how to resize an image using the drop-down menu under image. Please let me know if you don't, and I will write another post to explain it.
How to Create an Image:Click on the 'File' drop-down at the top of the Gimp workspace.Click on 'New'.Decide on the dimensions of your new image and type them in.Click on the 'Advance' option and increase the number of pixels to 300 dpi. (This is the minimum setting for most on-line art requirements.)Click 'OK'A new image area will appear.Note that you can see a…

Australian Spiders: Grey Huntsman (Sparassidae)

This not so little lady almost caused my son to leap out of his skin. He had called me out to photograph another spider,

when I saw this large dark shadow on the fence about two metres behind him.

It took me a little whle to realize this really was a huntsman, just the biggest, fattest huntsman I had seen in... oh, forever...

Good thing they're not poisonous.

Progress Report: Week 3 February 2014

Very slow week, this week. I slacked off a good deal, had one night of classes and a day of roleplaying, and also worked out I wasn’t feeling a hundred percent. Hopefully, things will improve this week, even though I will be much busier. Stuff got done, but a lot less stuff than should have gotten done. My bad. OverviewNew words produced: 1,207 words Old words revised: 0 Works completed: 7 (for inclusion into 2 longer works) Works revised: 0 Covers created: 0 Works published: 0 Works submitted: 0 Competitions Entered: 0 Tier 1 Tasks
Annual13—Added 426 wordsAnnual14—Added 781 words
Publishing Tasks
Created 1 blog post for this blog;Created 1 blog post for the C.M. Simpson Publishing blog;
New ArrivalsThe following ideas arrived this week:
Poem296—Merciful Rain: a series of haiku about rain;Poem297—Out Amongst the Stars: about being amongst the stars;Poem298—If you are Lonely: a poem of hope, even in lonelinessShortStory211—A Lesson in the Stars: a piece of speculative flash fiction about a meeting o…