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365 Days of Poetry Just Released on Smashwords


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NaNoWriMo Update

We... are... getting there.
19 November 2014: Words for the Day: 0 Word Total: 14,026 20 November 2014: First Sentence Written: The queen did not answer Hani's question right away, and when Hani took another step after her, Prince Kallanden reached out and grabbed her arm.
Last Sentence Written: Slowly, Hani opened her sketchbook at a new page, and began to draw. Words for the Day: 4,056 Word Total: 18,082

Australian Birds: Striated Pardalote (Pardalotus striatus)

On a grey morning walk, I had just about given up on finding more birds to photograph, when I noticed a little bird diving down to where a culvert let out into a larger drain. A second bird darted into the tree above, and stayed long enough for me to take a few shots of it. This was my first encounter with a striated pardalote in Canberra.

To find out more information on these tiny birds, you can visit the following sites:;;

NaNoWriMo Update