NaNoWriMo Update

I started NaNo late this year. There were exams and a whole bunch of stuff that happened, so I didn’t sit down and start typing until November 13. I figured 3,000 words a day was possible. Well, in theory... but it takes time to get back into the swing of things so it hasn’t quite worked out that way. Here is a brief view of what’s happened so far.
13 November 2014:
First Sentence Written: With a swirl of leaves, the first magic came.
Last Sentence Written: The blade sang briefly, before it bit into the leaping darkness and its song was drowned out by a shriek.
Words for the Day: 3,013
Word Total: 3,013
14 November 2014:
First Sentence Written: The ball of fur broke in two, pieces of it hitting the ground with meaty thunks as the rider finished his strike.
Last Sentence Written: If the prince heard any of what was spoken around him, he gave no sign.
Words for the Day: 1,839
Word Total: 4,852
15 November 2014:
Words for the Day: 0
Word Total: 4,852
16 November 2014:
First Sentence Written: Hani glanced back at her parents, and saw they were closely flanked by two riders, with a third walking carefully behind them.
Last Sentence Written: And, behind the lectern, stood a queen.
Words for the Day:578
Word Total: 5,430
17 November 2014:
First Sentence Written: The queen was the most stunning creature Hani had ever seen.
Last Sentence Written: “Hani,” Hani whispered, drawing her book up to her chin.
Words for the Day: 4,182
Word Total: 9,612
18 November 2014
First Line Written: “…Hani,” Mistress Terese said. “And the prince wishes to have her ready for tonight’s ball.”
Last Line Written: “Please may I see my mother?”
Words for the Day: 4,414
Word Total: 14,026


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