Progress Report Week 1 July 2012

This time I found time to write on the bus, so some writing was achieved as I re-structured my timetable to include study, a change of workplace and a move from car to bus transport. It seems to be holding for now, but the 0430 starts are a killer.

Current Projects

I haven’t typed up the words currently written, but this week I worked on Annual1 and Annual3. I also worked on RomanceNovel1.


Not much accomplished on the publishing front.

New Arrivals

Buses are very conducive to writing. The following new ideas arrived this week while I was travelling on the bus:
ShortStory39: an idea to do with elves and knives for Anthology5.
RPGSetting5: linked to ShortStory39.
CreativeEssay5: spawned by ShortStory39 and RPGSetting5. Troll theory.


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