Progress Report Week 2 August 2012

Current Projects

This week I made the following progress on my current project.
  • DarkFantasy2A: added 6,000 words, and am now working on the last chapter. Almost done :-).

Publishing Tasks

This week I completed the following tasks related to independent publishing:
  •  Updated LinkedIn, GoodReads, Shelfari with details for Finders-Keepers;
  • Uploaded artwork for An Anthology of Worlds and the individual titles associated with it to Pinterest;
  • Updated On a Ship Called Mythicus and Finders-Keepers covers on Kindle and Smashwords;
  • Updated blog twice; and
  •  Filed publication records for the past six weeks.

Projects on the Back Burner

This week I didn’t work on any back-burner projects.

New Arrivals

The following projects and project ideas arrived and joined the work queue. Perhaps I shouldn’t have picked up that magazine and randomly open it to an article, at least not while remembering an old challenge of finding a story in a randomly chosen piece of reading material…:
  • Picturebook9: About a boy and his big brother’s motorbike;
  • Adventure6: Also about a motorbike; one which the PCs in this urban fantasy need;
  • Novellas 5A-5B: More motorbike tales with a twist;
  • FantasyNovel1A: A fantasy tale with an otherworld hero.
  • UrbanFantasy1A: More motorbikes.
  • UrbanFantasy2A: No motorbikes, but spawned from a title.


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