Australian Birds: Superb Parrot (Polytelis swainsonii)

On a grey morning, I went out to look for birds. I didn't have a lot of luck, but I did spot these beauties coming in to land on this tree. I'd noticed them on other walks, on the ground, but this particular morning, they did not oblige by coming out of the tree.

The first shot shows where they landed.

 The next few shots catch show a glimpse of yellow and red.

But it wasn't until this one turned side on, that I had enough to be able to identify them. I'm thinking the males have yellow faces.

 And the females or juveniles are all green... maybe.

Apparently, the superb parrot is a threatened species, so I feel particularly lucky to have been able to photograph these.

More information on superb parrots can be found at the following sites:


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