Progress Report - Week 1, January 2015

OMG! The New Year is here. I’m still adapting to being a full-time student once more, so I still don’t have much of a routine. That’s the main task for January. I need to establish a routine that allows for my writing, photography, art development, study and family – my very important family, who do their very best to keep me grounded and sane and whom I adore. Given I’ve been indulging rather badly in FB games and being side-tracked by little things such as sleep, family and photography, I’m still on shaky ground. Anyway, here’s what I managed to achieve in the last week.


  • New words produced: It’s hard to tell. I’m revising old work that exists only in type-written hard copy, and I keep adding about as much as I retype. To try and be fair, I’ve folded all the words into the ‘old words revised’ count below.
  • Old words revised: 38,318
  • Works completed: 2
  • Works revised: 2
  • Covers created: 0—that’s for next week.
  • Works published: 4 (3 on 1 release platform in two formats, and 1 on 4 platforms in 7+ formats)
  • Works submitted: 0—I’m not sure I’ll be submitting work again, at least, not for a while. I have a lot of indie projects to work through before submitting to traditional venues becomes viable. Having said that, it will all depend on what’s around the corner-and no-one can know that.
  • Competitions Entered: 0—I’m planning on entering the Writers ofthe Future contest for each quarter this year. We’ll see how that goes.
  • Bloggery: 1,422

Tier 1 Tasks

  • TweenNovel1A—Orb Wielder: Added 14,811 words
  • TweenNovel2A—Anna and the Rock Dragons: Added 23,507 words

Publishing Tasks

  • Created 6 blog posts for this blog;
  • Created 9 blog posts for the C.M. Simpson Publishing blog;
  • Formatted Ellie Moonwater’s latest release, Hunter’s Prey, for CreateSpace in both large and normal print formats;
  • Formatted, uploaded and released Ellie Moonwater’s latest release, Hunter’s Prey, on Smashwords and OmniLit;
  • Formatted and uploaded Ellie Moonwater’s latest release, Hunter’s Prey, for Kindle release on Amazon

  • Finalised release of the large and smaller print versions of the following on CreateSpace: 365 Days of Flash Fiction, 365 Days of Poetry, C.M. Simpson: Short Stories and Poems from 2013 Vol. 1




  • Created title record file to record book metadata for all titles, began populating and updating;

New Arrivals

  • Nil


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