Progress Report: Week 3, February 2015

Well, another busy week, but a good one. I still have pain high in my shoulders, but I’m hopeful it will subside with some stretching, cold packs and Radox soaks. If not, I’ll go chase a physio. Beyond that, all is well. I have managed to produce words each day, and to catch up on my bloggery now that I have internet back. And the good news on that front is that we are changing providers so, hopefully, the internet worries will become a thing of the past. Two highlights this week: I finished the novel Freeman’s Choice AND I finalised the cover for Carlie Simonsen’s Anna and the Rock Dragons. Roll on the editing! In summary:


New words produced: 6,002
Old words revised:3,866
Works completed: 1 (fantasy novel)
Works revised: 0
Covers created: 1 (in five formats)
Works published: 0
Works submitted: 0
Competitions Entered: 0
Bloggery: 4,776

Tier 1 Tasks

SciFiNovel1A—Freeman’s Choice: added 6,002 words.
TweenNovel2A—Anna and the Rock Dragons: cover completed.

Publishing Tasks

Created 8 blog posts for this blog;
Created 2 blog post for the C.M. Simpson Publishing blog;
Created 10 blog post for the C.M. Simpson Art and Photography blog;

New Arrivals

The following poems arrived last week:




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