Progress Report: Week 2, June 2015

Lots of writing completed this week. Catch-up was started on two poetry and two flash fiction anthologies, and further progress was made on June’s listed tasks, although the bigger word counts meant only one of the set were completed, although substantial progress was made. Progress was as follows:


  • New words produced: 26,366
  • Old words revised: 12,772
  • Works completed: 0
  • Works revised: 0
  • Covers created: 0
  • Works published: 0
  • Works submitted: 0
  • Competitions Entered: 0
  • Bloggery: 10

Tier 1 (June) Tasks

  • Novella6C: Added 5,000 wds
  • RomanceNovel1B-Nadine’s Story: Added 8,000 wds
  • Novella10B: Added 1,400/5,000 wds
  • DarkFantasy2B-The Priestess, the Prince and the Dragon’s Children: Added 6,000/20,000 wds
  • Novella24A: Added 1,400/2,000 wds

Publishing Tasks

  • Created 1 blog post for this blog

New Arrivals

The following pieces arrived, and were completed, last week:

  • Poem65—Buaya, buaya: An Indonesian-English poem for children based on an Indonesian story about a monkey tricking a crocodile.
  • Poem498—In the Forest Deep and Dark: a science fiction rhyming poem about an other-worldly forest;
  • Poem499—The Northern Knight: a fantasy rhyming poem about love, loss and loyalty;
  • Poem500—The Mountaintop: a science fiction rhyming poem about mistakes and war;
  • Poem501—The Dragon Furled: a science fiction-fantasy rhyming poem about negotiations with a dragon;
  • Poem502—Eucalypts on Guard: a speculative poem inspired by the eucalypts lining Barry Drive in Canberra;
  • Poem503—When the Campus is Sleeping: an urban fantasy rhyming poem about trolls on a university campus, inspired by an early morning walk through the Australian National University;
  • Poem504—No Rewards for a Job Done Well: a poem inspired by the time once spent working for one of the Australian Public Service departments;
  • Poem505—A Deathly Lullaby: an oddly metered rhyming poem about an alien invasion
  • Poem506—Buses form the Backdrop: a short poem inspired by the Canberra Civic bus terminal;
  • Poem507—City Storm: a haiku about a storm in a city;
  • Poem508—Decisions for Humanity: a poem inspired by Bring Larks and Heroes that has relevance to boat refugees;
  • Poem509—Decisions: a short poem about deciding how to treat your fellow man;
  • Poem510—Of Unicorns and Pegasii: a poem exploring mythical horses and their threat;
  • Poem511—Search by Crow: an urban fantasy poem about crows flying through the city;
  • Poem512—The Spider Prayer: a dark science fiction-fantasy poem about being snared by giant spiders;
  • Poem513—The Battle of Thyrus Hill: a fantasy rhyme about defeating a sorcerer in his fortress;
  • Poem514—Raid Awakening: a cinquain about raiders;
  • Poem515—Flies the Sparrow Young: a fantasy rhyme about a sparrow fleeing from danger;
  • Poem516—Sanctuary: an acrostic about a place of safety;
  • Poem517—The Origin of Zombies: a cinquain about the origin and life cycle of the zombie virus;
  • Poem518—Swampland, Troll-land Deep: a fantasy alphabet acrostic about a troll marsh and the fate of those who enter it;
  • Poem519—The Starships Rise: a science fiction acrostic about starships taking off;
  • ShortStory429—The Starships in my Head: a piece of science fiction flash about communicating with starships;
  • ShortStory430—The Price of Sleep: a piece of speculative flash fiction about facing death in old age;
  • ShortStory431—Ghosting the Ghost: a piece of urban flash fiction about getting rid of a ghost;
  • ShortStory432—The Worth of Dragons: a piece of fantasy flash fiction about when to hire dragons;
  • ShortStory433—Snowbound Requiem: a piece of fantasy flash fiction about snow, travellers and a song, set in the world of Jendavik;
  • ShortStory434—The Transgenic Larder Fights Back: a piece of science fiction flash about a new hunting technique;
  • ShortStory435Forest Connections: a piece of dark fantasy flash fiction about a dead body and fairies, elves and unicorns;
  • ShortStory436Land Shark: a piece of science fiction flash about colonists being hunted by a land shark;
  • ShortStory437The New Start: a piece of science fiction flash about colonisation and first contact;
  • ShortStory438The Heckler’s Gully Threat: a piece of science fiction flash about coming back to face a monster;
  • ShortStory439Me, Miss Delight and the Scrapie Dilemma: a piece of science fiction flash about a bodyguard, his principle and an alien threat set in the Odyssey universe;
  • ShortStory440Zombie Trapping: a piece of horror flash fiction about zombie removal;
  • ShortStory441June Bug Encounter: a piece of science fiction flash about the June bug threat.


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