Progress Report: Week 4, August 16-22, 2015

Pretty busy week. I completed a 2,500-word research essay for one of my university subjects and thirty pieces of poetry and flash fiction. I also completed a chapter book for younger young adults, and designed a cover for a short story, which I then edited, formatted and uploaded to five different platforms. Not bad for a week with classes and other study thrown in.


New words produced: 10,119
Old words revised: 0
Works completed: 31
Works revised: 0
Covers created: 0
Works published: 0
Works submitted: 0
Competitions Entered: 0
Bloggery: 871
University Prep and Assignments: 3,640

Back-on-Track Challenge:

Design covers for, edit, format, and upload the following:

  • ShortStory474—Hammer and the Trolls released on schedule on August 16, 2015

New Writing

  • Chapbook5E—Rocky and the Spacefarer’s Christmas is now complete and moves up into the category above. It is due for release in December 2015.
  • Chapbook5B—Rocky and the Great Teddybear Rescue: Added 1,000 words. This is due for release in January 2016.

Publishing Tasks

New Arrivals

The following pieces arrived last week and were completed:

  • Poem619—Moving Forward: a speculative poem about finding new paths in life;
  • Poem620To Do is to: A speculative poem about the meaning of actions;
  • Poem621—Live Again: a science fiction poem about bringing lost species to life;
  • Poem622A Winter’s Night: a real-life-based series of haiku about a winter’s night;
  • Poem623A Battle with the Troll Lords: a fantasy poem about a human-troll battle;
  • Poem624I Gather Data with my Eyes: a poem about writing;
  • Poem625Into the Unknown: a science fiction poem imagining how the first warp was viewed;
  • Poem626Victory in Discovery: a science fiction poem imagining how achieving in the face of doubt might feel;
  • Poem627Coffee Woes in Space: a science fiction poem imagining how an Australian stockman might feel while travelling across space;
  • Poem628A Prayer for Dragons: a series of englyn penfyr about dragons;
  • Poem629Return to Me: a series of englyn milwr about an absence;
  • Poem630Dragons and Daylight: a series of tanka about dragons;
  • Poem631The Seeking Dragons: a series of tanka about more dragons;
  • Poem632The Medilo Acrostic: an acrostic about the dangers of the Medilo Swamp;
  • Poem633The Astronauts and the Clowns: a science fiction Alexandrine-style verse about overlords and astronauts;
  • Poem634Soldier, Warrior, Fighter, Love: a speculative cinquain about soldiers;
  • Poem635The People in My Life: a found poem about people and the poet;
  • ShortStory532—Possums in the Firelight: a piece of flash speculative fiction about werebeasts.
  • ShortStory533Break from the Dying World: a piece of flash science fiction about a dying world and a rescue mission without hope.
  • ShortStory534Flame Trees: a piece of fantasy flash fiction about trees.
  • ShortStory535When Jonquil Called the Sun: a piece of science flash fiction about trolls.
  • ShortStory536The Flashlight Diversion: a piece of urban fantasy flash fiction about trolls.
  • ShortStory537Environmental Assignment: a piece of science flash fiction about a natural disaster and reparation;
  • ShortStory538The Veterinary Shore: a piece of science flash fiction about first contact;
  • ShortStory539Lady Mirabella and the Raiders: a piece of science flash fiction about taking risks and dealing with your enemies;
  • ShortStory540A Fistful of Cobblers: a piece of science flash fiction about a change in life;
  • ShortStory541Party Birds: a piece of speculative flash fiction about birds who like to party;
  • ShortStory542End the Day Well: a piece of post-apocalyptic flash fiction about how to end the day well;
  • ShortStory543In Memoriam: a piece of post-apocalyptic flash fiction about the importance of remembering;
  • ShortStory544Louise’s Calling: a piece of post-apocalyptic, urban fantasy flash fiction about troubled times and a debt.


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