Birds and Bugs... the Red-Browed Finch

Also known as the red-browed firetail, these little guys were incredibly hard to photograph. In the end, I had to be satisfied with pictures that also had sparrows. We've put wild bird mix in the feeder, which they all seem to enjoy. These shots were taken in early November 2015.

Just so you know, this is NOT a red-browed finch - although there is one in the background; the bird in front is a young female sparrow.

The two of them seem to share quite well, and you can just see the red-brows for which the finch is named.

He looks even better, on his own.

And doesn't seem to mind the camera at all.

The sparrow returns, but the finch is not intimidated. You can see the red markings on his rump that give him the name 'red-browed firetail'.

The two dine quite companionably, and the finch turns a little more so we can get a better look at the tail markings.

Here's another angle showing his face mask and beak.

And then he turns side-on to get a better look at the camera.

Fortunately, he figures I'm not a threat, and hops for more seed.

The sparrow follows his example, and it looks like they're having a picnic together. This went on for a good half hour, before they moved on to other pastures.

More Information on Red-Browed Finches can be found at:



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