Progress Report: Week 1, December 27-January 2, 2015

The main lessons I learned last week were that new habits are hard to establish, and that I have a long way to go to being physically fit. I also learned that persistence pays off, so I’m sticking with that one. I also achieved my official goal of 2,000 words/day, and got closer to writing a consistent 4,000 publishable words/day. Baby steps… baby steps…



New words produced: 18,153
Old words revised: 0
Outlines and Notes: 1,046
Works completed: 1
Works revised: 0
Covers created: 1
Works published: 1
Works submitted: 0
Competitions Entered: 0
Bloggery: 195
University Prep and Assignments: 0

Story-A-Week Challenge Update

  • Completed: ShortStory630—Rendezvous at Raptor’s Rest: now scheduled for release January 13, 2017.

Holiday Extension Challenge Update

  • Started: Chapbook14J—Legacy of Hearts (Wheelchair Adventures #3): reached 7,252 words out of a projected 6,000 words, but not yet complete.

Publishing Tasks

New Arrivals


When his flying ship, the Red Horizon, was shot down, Tescher told no-one he had a woman on board. Three years later, he returns to the ship wreck and finds Marianna not only survived the crash, but left him a message. She found what she was looking for aboard his ship, and she’ll wait for him at the Raptor’s Rest, but once a year—tonight. Tight flying will get him there in time, but it will take more for him to navigate clear of the underworld predators circling the criminal shores on which Marianna has landed.

Rendezvous at Raptor’s Rest is set in the steampunk world of 1840’s Australia, complete with flying ships, landed gentry, velociraptors and those who take their tinkering with the ether just a little too far.


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