I Went for a Walk... in Forde, at the Dog Park

One of the things Canberrans love is their dogs. There are a few of these dog parks all around the city, where people can come, any time of day or night, to exercise their dogs off the lead.

In addition to the trees, Canberra parks like to incorporate a bit of art work...

... and many of them commemorate other parts of our heritage, too. This sign post was standing not far from the park entrance. 

This is what it was here to remember.

The other thing dog parks here are careful to do is to remind dog owners of what's expected. It helps to keep things peaceful, and is a good learning tool for new dog owners still learning the ropes.

As with the water-quality ponds last week, there seems to be a few things I missed. I think I'll have to come back and take a few more shots so you can get a better feel for the place.


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