I Went for a Walk... along the top end of Lake Ginninderra

On another day in January 2016, I took a stroll along one of the shared bikeways that can be found throughout the city. This one took me along the top of Lake Ginninderra, and down towards the lake itself.

It was a lovely day, and the views were spectacular.

This shot was taken looking down towards the Belconnen town centre. Belconnen, Belco to some of the city natives, is one of the larger suburbs in the city.

Here's another shot of that, playing with the close-up function on the Samsung Galaxy 5.

The summer shoreline was beautiful on this particular morning, with reflections everywhere.

I took a few shots of the bridge and the town centre - so far away, but so close (only a 3 km walk).

This was taken from another bridge, looking back at the peninsula that hangs down in the middle of the lake. Again - reflections...

Here is a shot of the western shore, showing that Canberra does, indeed, have beaches, of a kind.

And here is a view of the Telstra Tower on Black Mountain *from* the western edge of the lake. This tower can be seen from many areas of Canberra. No doubt you'll see it, again, in my pictures.

This shot was taken looking back at the bridge from the boardwalk not far from the Belconnen town centre.

And this was taken while walking on the peninsula.

As you can guess, there are a lot of shots I didn't take on my trip around the lake, but there will be others. Count on it.


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