I Went for a Walk... in the Crace Hilltop Reserve

January was a great time for long walks... and playing ingress. So, at one point, I found myself at the Crace Hilltop Reserve - and I loved it. Little animal statues hiding in the native bush in the middle of a new suburb? Awesome!

Welcome to the Crace Hilltop Reserve.

On the left is a playground for under-fives, and on the right is a path leading away from it.

 Of course, straight ahead is a sign welcoming you the the sculpture walk. Let's take the path to the right. The little ones can play *after* a short walk.

Mind you, the first sculpture on the left is a little *too* lifelike for my liking.

The length is about right, but it *is* a statue!

And, of course, here's the information about what to do if you see a snake. It's good advice no matter what part of Australia you're in.

This is not a man-made feature, but it's one you should know about. This is a meat ant's nest. Don't walk on it, and don't stop too close to it. Actually, don't stand still too long anywhere you see meat ants running around - or you'll end up with the little beggars running up your trouser leg. This nest is just a little bit past the snake statue, so be careful if you visit and want to take pictures... or hack an ingress portal. Not much is more disruptive than a nip or five hundred from a meat ant.

This is the next statue to look out for, on your sculpture walk - an echidna, in its own little bit of grassland!

Here's a look at it, close up.

And here's the information about echidnas on the sign nearby. 

Further around, you'll come to the turtle statues. These guys are cute, but you might have to look carefully to see them.

And here's your information sign.

This sign post marks the top of the trail. If you go right, you head into the suburb itself. We, of course, will be following the path to the left.

While walking through this beautiful little area, you should keep an eye out for native birds. This one is an Eastern Rosella.

And this one is, I think, a turquoise parrot.

If you keep following the path around, you'll find directions for another walk. Don't worry, I'll head up that way another time. You, of course, could explore it on the same day! 

Turning right, we look down the path to see a kangaroo! It is another statue, but, in the dusk or early morning, it looks quite real.

Here's a picture from closer up.

And here's some information on the Australian kangaroo.

We keep following the trail, as it bends back towards the entrance to the park, and find ourselves looking at this little guy.

Here he is again - a lovely little statue.

The information is always there - this would be a good place for a school nature excursion, if you did the right worksheets. It's also free, which could be a good thing for homeschoolers.

 One other thing I love about this park, is that each and every information sign, is place

When you've found all the animals, and any little ones have had a bit of a walk, this park for small children is a nice place to rest. There's a seat just out of sight to the left... and the grocery bag will be absent.

As you're leaving the park, you'll find yourself looking out over the main road into Crace - and another sculpture park.

Beyond it, you can see a small shopping mall. There's a restaurant and a coffee shop here, as well as a supermarket.

Here's a closer shot of the sculpture.

And the... nut?... inside it.

There is also a small plaque about the artist...

... and the artwork.

The street view from this small park is beautiful - even on an overcast day.

It's also pretty good from the road above the park.

Crace - go check it.


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