JUST RELEASED: Rocky Touches Down as Carlie Simonsen

Just to let you all know that the fifth book in my Otherworld Adventures series has been released on Smashwords in all formats, and that other platforms will shortly follow.

Rocky Touches Down Ebook Cover
Rocky Touches Down PoD Cover

When Rocky finally reaches Tallona, he crash lands. The cargo pod carrying his beloved pony Tank is dropped in, and radio communications are lost with the colony and the space ship. To make matters worse, there is a pack of velociraptors nesting right near the crash site. With help a long way away, someone has to reach the horses and set them free, and the only way to stop his little sister from trying to do just that, is to go himself. Can Rocky sneak out of a dropship full of adults, reach the horses, and then get to the colony before the raptors eat him? With the help of the alien girl, Elita, he can only try.

Rocky Touches Down is the fifth book in the Otherworld Adventures series, which is set around Rocky’s journey to the world of Tallona, where his parents will farm alongside the aliens who have asked them for help.


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