About Ingress: What’s So Important About Badges?

Badges? I hear you ask. You keep banging on about badges.

What’s so important about them?

Well, up until Level 8, you advance on the AP (or experience) you earn, and that’s all you need to move from one level to another, BUT once you hit Level 9, you’re going to have to have badges to show that you’ve earned the right to advance to the next level. Think of it as having proof that you know what you’re doing.

Wait! What? Where do I find out about this?

Well, you can look at your scanner. When you hit Level 8, you will notice a line just above your medals. It will have something like: LVL 9 Req: (picture of a blank silver badge) 0/4 (picture of a blank gold badge) 0/1. Take a look at the screen shot below; I used it to show a Spec Ops badge last week, but you can see the requirements listed just below the agent insignia, and above the badges.

From the looks of it, Agent LittleBlackDuck has all the badges needed to get to Level 12, but needs almost 400,000 AP. (You can see the AP listed below the level. How much the agent has earned is in yellow, and how much is needed is in smaller, green print after the slash beside it.)

You will also notice that the Spec Ops badge has the requirements for the badge under the title, and then how much of the requirement has to be completed for each level. It also has where you're at under the main picture of the badge. For example: LittleBlackDuck has completed 200 missions (the platinum badge), but needs to complete 500 to get to the next level (the badge with the lock on it). According to this shot, LittleBlackDuck has finished Mission #238, and has 262 missions to complete before achieving the next level - the black badge.

Yeah, but I want to plan ahead.

And so did I. I was lucky that another agent pointed me towards THIS SITE, which not only lists what you need to advance, but has a bunch of other very handy tips for playing Ingress:

You should go check it out. Work out what you will need, and how soon, and then get onto it.

It’s time to move.


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