Ingress: Last Days of the Via Lux Adventure Medal—Days 13-30

Well, it ended 12 days ago, but I think I’ve made my 300. It was surprisingly more difficult than I thought it would be, but it’s done. The only problem is that I’m really going to struggle to get another batch of badges in a similar time-frame ever again… unless I move cities—but that’s a problem for another day.

Days 16-19

I couldn’t get out to any new mission or portal areas, so I contented myself with walking around one of the local lakes. My ankle started hurting on Day 17, so I rested Day 18, and walked it again on Day 19. I’ve walked this lake several times, before, so there were no new uniques, but I made a lot of AP over these three days, but capturing, deploying, linking and fielding as much as I could from each portal I passed. There are a lot of portals around the lake. It was an interesting learning experience on how you can build up AP by micro-fielding, and taking advantages of keys you hold further out—very satisfying, although I doubt the Enlightened agents in the area thought so.

Day 20

I had time constraints, and my ankle was still a bit sore, but I’d picked out this area with four missions, for this day, and I managed to get through them in an hour and a half, and catch the next-to-last bus that would get me to class on time. Again, because the missions traversed the same portals, I not only got a very good look at the area, but I was able to do a build-up of linking and fielding that would not have been doable if there had been just one mission in the area. The missions I completed were:

Days 21-30
Discovered I really had damaged my ankle and needed to take it easy. Stayed off it as much as possible for these four days, and kept it strapped. The pain seemed to go away, and I was able to walk without pain by the 24th. This was not to last…

Via Lux Progress:
Days 1-3: 0 unique portals visited
Day 4: 5 unique portals visited and 1 mission completed (5/300)
Day 5: 30 uniques visited and 1 mission completed (35/300)
Day 6: 2 unique portals visited and 0 missions completed (37/300)
Days 7-11: 0 unique portals visited (37/300)
Day 12:  114 unique portals visited and 2 missions completed (151/300)
Day 13: 139 unique portals visited and 2 missions completed (290/300)
Day 14: 0 unique portals visited (190/300)
Day 15: 35 unique portals visited and 8 missions completed (325/300)
Days 16-19: 0 unique portals visited (325/300)
Day 20: 15 unique portals visited (340/300)
Days 21-30: 0 unique portals visited (340/300) 
TOTAL: 340/300


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