Progress Report: Week Ending November 19, 2016

Well, still getting back into the routine of writing full-time. Studies are over, but the results aren’t in. I got a fair amount done – more than I thought I had. This week, I took a couple of long walks for fitness, and caught up on a few things around the house, while I worked out some plot-knots in my NaNo novel. And I revamped the writing and publishing schedule to something more realistic, as I relearned limits within the framework of real life.


  • New words produced: 21,747
  • Old words revised: 5,914
  • Outlines and Notes: 377
  • Works completed: 21 (for inclusion in 5 different collections)
  • Works revised: 1 (partial, prior to continuing)
  • Covers created: 1 (for this week’s release: The Sevarine Sidestep)
  • Works published: 0
  • Works submitted: 0
  • Competitions Entered: 0
  • Bloggery: 440
  • University Prep and Assignments: 0

Stepping Up Challenge Update

As this challenge becomes less relevant to the direction I’m headed in, I will consider discontinuing it.

  • Languages: nil
  • Non-Fiction Reading: nil

Ingress Updates

No new challenges for me, but I did complete the following badge level while out walking. Given I'm not in a position to do what folk call BAFs (Big-Ass Fields) over entire towns or large areas that net a lot of MU in one go, this took me some time and a lot of LAFs (Little, you get it), so I'm pretty happy to see it:

PokemonGo Updates

I forgot to do this last week, so I'm including stuff from the last fortnight, here. I levelled up, and picked up a couple of badges, as well as capturing 3-4 new pokemon, this fortnight. I also cleaned out the pokebag and used the appraise tool to decide who went to the professor, and who stayed. Not a bad reason to go for a walk. Badges for the last fortnight are as follows:

Publishing Tasks

  • Created 2 blog posts for this blog;
  • Revamped publishing and writing schedule to better reflect realistic expectations and life constraints.
  • Created a cover for The Sevarine Sidestep, which is scheduled for release on Friday.

New Arrivals

The following pieces arrived last week and were completed. These will be included in the following collections: 366 Days of Flash Fiction, Another 365 Days of Flash Fiction, Yet Another 365 Days of Flash Fiction, Another 365 Days of Poetry, and Yet Another 365 Days of Poetry to be released over the next three years.

  • FF623—One Storm-Lit Night: a piece of science fiction flash about a disastrous battle;
  • FF624—Natural Justice: a piece of science fiction crime flash about letting nature take its course;
  • FF625—Tree-Time Dreaming: a piece of science fiction flash about dreams, trees, foreknowledge and hope;
  • FF626—The Shield: a piece of science fiction flash about staying alive;
  • FF627—A Recruitment Home: a piece of science fiction flash about change;
  • FF628—The Serpents’ Welcome: a piece of science fiction flash exploring immigraton;
  • FF629—Water Dwellers: a piece of science fiction flash about colonisation and first contact;
  • FF630—Red Tide: a piece of science fiction flash about invasion and escape
  • FF631—The Long Way Home: a piece of science fiction flash about the dangers of space travel and how people might cope with disaster;
  • FF632—Sustainable Aquaculture: a piece of fiction that could be either fantasy or science fiction, all about the fish;
  • FF633—Him Upstairs: a piece of science fiction about a cat burglar;
  • FF634—Party Pooper: a piece of steampunk flash about a party;
  • FF635—Cymri: a piece of fantasy flash about dragons;
  • Poem839—Skyward Hopes: a poem about the hopes of travelling out to the stars;
  • Poem840—Living on a Lollipop: a nonsense poem about the dangers of sweets and wasps;
  • Poem841—The Swarm’s Requiem: a poem about a swarm;
  • Poem842—O’Malley’s Vigil: a poem about a watchful ghost;
  • Poem843—Ode to Calhoun Hill: a poem about war and peace
  • Poem844—The Wizard Simon: a fantasy poem about a wizard and the price of magic;
  • Poem845—Secrets in the Ether: a steampunk poem about the secret powers of ether;
  • Poem846—Victory: a science fiction poem about humans and werebeasts and their differences.


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