Write Fitness: Ingress Walking – ANZAC Prd and AWM Banner

 ANZAC Prd and AWM Banner

Yesterday, I posted about using real-world locations in writing, and that reminded me, of a walk I did for Ingris, way back in October last year, where I photographed many of the statues I referred to in Shades of Memory. The walk was a 12-part series of missions that formed a picture of the Australian War Memorial. It was an 8 km walk up ANZAC Parade and around the War Memorial gardens. These are beautiful places to visit, to reflect on and to remember our past, and I couldn’t have asked for better surroundings to improve my fitness.

The walk begins at the bottom of Anzac Parade, so I caught a 200-series bus from the city interchange, which travels down Constitution Avenue, and got off the stop before Anzac Parade, which puts you on the same side as the first portal. The mission series badges and banner are below, as are some photographs of this beautiful area.

The mission series was designed by Enlightened agent, MT81, and is called ‘ANZAC Prd and AWM’.

Here are most of the portals in order of completion:

ANZAC Prd and AWM 1/12

 Australian New Zealand War Memorial (East)

Australian New Zealand War Memorial (East)
Not a separate portal, but interesting, just the same.

 Saint John's Church Lych Gate

On approach to the Deserted Mounted Corps Memorial

ANZAC Prd and AWM 2/12

The Vietnam War Memorial (on departure)

The Korean War Memorial

The Australian Army National Memorial
(after the Royal Australian Engineers and 9th Australian Field Ambulance memorials)

The Australian Hellenic Memorial
(also the starting point for the third mission in this series).

ANZAC Prd and AWM 3/12

The Lone Pine Memorial.

The Sandakan Memorial

It looks like I missed five other portals for this section including a plaque fir 18 Squadron.

ANZAC Prd and AWM 4/12

The Lone Pine Memorial 

Royal Air Force Bomber Command Memorial (behind this stand of trees).

And there were several others, which I completely forgot to photograph... I obviously need more practice at this. The other memorials in this mission include: 2/3 Tank Regiment, the entrance to the War Memorial, Tarin Kot, and the 2/5 Australian Infantry Battalion plaque.

ANZAC Prd and AWM 5/12

The Australian Servicemen Memorial (after the memorials for Australian Voices, and  the RAAF Beaufort Units).

This is the Defence Families Bench. (It is after the Women's Memorial.)

And here is the plaque.

ANZAC Prd and AWM 6/12

The barrel from the gun from Amiens.

A display celebrating Patriotism.

The Australian Merchant Seamen Survivors Memorial

The Animals at War Memorial
ANZAC Prd and AWM 7/12

The Centurion Tank.

Other memorials in this mission included the HMAS Brisbane gun and bridge, a memorial to Armistice Day, the entry to a memorial park, and a Lancaster Bomber.

ANZAC Prd and AWM 8/12

The Remembrance Driveway runs all the way to Sydney.

There's even a mission for it.

Other plaques and memorials for this mission included plaques for: the 2/15 Field Regiment, 88 Squadron, and the RAAF Beaufighter Squadron. There was also a propeller from HMAS Australia.

ANZAC Prd and AWM 9/12

Memorials for this mission included plaques for: 9th Squadron, 6th Battalion and 7th Battalion, as well as the Rabaul and Montevideo Maru , and the National Service memorials and this gentleman:

Sir Edward "Weary" Dunlop

ANZAC Prd and AWM 10/12

Anzac Parade from the Australian War Memorial (a popular photographic spot)

The commemorative area of the Australian War Memorial

The Remembrance Stone.

Other portals in the mission included: the beginning of the Remembrance Driveway, the John Simpson Kirkpatrick Memorial, and the Australian War Memorial itself.

ANZAC Prd and AWM 11/12

The Kemal Ataturk Memorial.

The Ataturk Memorial Gardens.

The Royal Australian Navy Memorial.

Other portals in this mission included: the Pinus Halepensis, Australian Merchant Seamen World War I and the 9th Australian Field Ambulance memorials.

ANZAC Prd and AWM 12/12

The Australian Nurses Memorial

The Royal Australian Air Force Memorial

The Rats of Tobruk Memorial

The Australian New Zealand Memorial (west).

Other portals on this mission included: the HMAS Australia Memorial and the Anzac Parade illumination.

And then I walked around the corner and caught a bus back to the city. This was a brilliant walk, gentle on all but the heart.

Mission Series Complete:



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