Update: Babes in London

It’s happening, but it’s happening slow. Babes will be finished – most likely by year’s end. I will start to re-post the older sections here.

Why? Well, two reasons. The first is that it has haunted me since I saw the setting. Always. At first the magic of the Fireborn setting, and then the challenge of writing for it, and then, finally, the story that came to mind. Always the story. I want to see the end.

And, finally, Applemans, whose comments you will see on the previous posts. He, or she, is the second reason. Without Applemans, I would not have been able to even begin to justify the time to finish this story. I *might* have eventually made time for it, but it wouldn’t have been this year, as I have been very focussed on doing the “sensible” thing with university and my other writing. So, you need to thank Applemans for his, or her, encouragement, and polite insistence that the story had to be told to the end.

And so do I. Thank you, Applemans.

As to the rest? Well, I’m aiming for a minimum average of 100 words per day, and I’ve spent a week seeing what is possible with the university schedule that’s just kicked in. The 100 words average is possible. The per day is questionable. The probable outcome will be 700 to just over 1,000 words a week – and I’ll have to limit it to that, or other things that need finishing won’t be finished on time.

Lastly, this announcement was supposed to go out last week, but I wanted to see how much was possible, so it’s out today. This means that Fridays will be your day for Fireborn progress reports.

Remember, Babes in London is a fan-fic adventure. I don’t get paid for it, and I have no affiliation with, or contacts at Fantasy Flight Games that I’m aware of. This adventure is not sanctioned or endorsed by them. It is my own work, using their setting and background. To play it, you will need to purchase the Fireborn Player’s Handbook and Fireborn Gamemaster’s Handbook. I will not be providing you with any of the material those books contain, but I will be referencing it. It would also be a good idea for you to have the official introductory adventure for Fireborn: The Fire Within, as that contains stats and background material that you will find useful. These three books are available from DriveThruRPG.

Fireborn Gamemaster's Handbook
Fireborn Players's Handbook


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