Just Released: Reluctant Liaison

This is just to let you know that Reluctant Liaison has just released and will return to the usual price of 2.99, shortly. It is available on Smashwords, Amazon, and DriveThruFiction, and is available via Draft2Digital distribution.

I woke up in a car—upside down, staring into the faces of a half dozen pixies sitting on a tree branch. To one side, was a cliff face, to the other, sky, and things were starting to shift. Apparently, I’d had an interesting night… if only I could remember what it was, and why I’d run, and why following the pixies scared me almost as much as the idea of staying in the car…
In Reluctant Liaison the Paranormal Operations Squad is faced with a dilemma outside their usual remit, when Otherworld and ‘real’ world cultures clash.