Just Released—Mack ‘n’ Me: Blaedergil’s Host

It’s a day earlier than I intended, but I’ve uploaded Mack ‘n’ Me: Blaedergil’s Host for release. It’s the second book in the sorta sweary, pseudo-military, science fiction, space opera, action adventure series: Mack 'n' Me 'n' Odyssey, and is currently available on Smashwords in all formats, and on DriveThruFiction in PDF, and will shortly be available from Kobo and Amazon, as well as via Draft2Digital distribution. A large-print paperback version is also on the way from CreateSpace, and should be available from Amazon within the next week, so, all is good, and things are moving.

I stayed off Mack's radar for a good three months, or so I'd thought. Maybe he was just letting me run. He found me, kicked my backside and hauled me right back on board. He'd been doing that on and off for the past twelve months. Problem was, Odyssey was also on my tail, and, when this job was done, Mack was supposed to hand me back. Not gonna happen. And, now I was back to Square One: Kick free of Odyssey and kick free of Mack... just as soon as the mission was done, because how could I turn my back on *that*?

Mack ‘n’ Me: Blaedergil’s Host is the second science-fiction novel set in the Odyssey universe. In it, Cutter is back in Mack’s company, and still trying to work out how to get away from him, his merry band of space-faring freelancers, and Odyssey.

NOTE: The main character swears like a sailor, and the support cast aren’t much better. If swears bother you, this this story may not be to your taste.