First Paragraphs—Nurse

Nurse is the fourth short story in An Anthology of Those Who Walk Among Us, the third Simpson Anthology, and it starts like this:

The nurse stood by the edge of the bed and glanced at her patient. She took the young man’s hand and began to bandage his mangled finger. It was the least gruesome injury she’d seen that day and he was her last patient. It had been a long and particularly busy day, and the nurse was looking forward to the end of a long shift. Her name tag called her Alison; the hospital records knew her as Alison Glaze.

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Nurse is a short horror story in a contemporary urban setting, and features a secretive species of vampire and its newest recruit. Nurse is approximately 2,540 words in length.
An Anthology of Those Who Walk Among Us was released in late July 2012.


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