First Paragraphs—Shadow Life

Shadow Life is the first short story in An Anthology of Those Who Walk Among Us, the third Simpson Anthology, and it starts like this:

I took a short cut down the alley. The moon was full, the night was late and I was alone. None of these things worried me.

 can be found in

Shadow Life is a contemporary paranormal urban horror which opens with Denie discovering the murder of Nicola, her lover. While Denie was sworn not to reveal the secrets of the night to Nicola, others were not so bound, and with Nicola’s death, Denie discovers just how much of a free spirit Nicola truly was. Her need for vengeance overrides her scruples about crossing the line between life and undeath, and Denie joins with the vampires in order to wreak justice on Nicola’s killer. Shadow Life is approximately 5,250 words in length.


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