Progress Report Week 2 July 2012

A much more respectable effort this week. Still not ideal, but improving.

Current Projects

The following progress was made on my current projects:
·         Novella2A (PenName1): Added 5,000 words.
·         DarkFantasy1A: (Rewrite) Added 1,000 words.
·         SciFiNovel4: Revised first two chapters. Started fleshing out outline and backstory so writing could commence.
·         Anthology7: Four poems complete (see below). Three forms: two haiku series, one non-rhyming verse, and one 100-word non-rhyming paragraph.


The following publishing tasks were completed this week:
·         Formatted and uploaded ShortStory12—Peace Flower to Amazon and Smashwords.
·         Updated blog x 3
·         Updated Treaty Time details on social networking sites.
·         Updated Peace Flower details on social networking sites.


The following backburner projects raised their heads for a bit of attention and got a bit of love in return:
·         Annual1 added 1,000 words.

New Arrivals

The following ideas arrived while on the bus:
RomanceNovel1D: Part of the current romance series being written by PenName2, this is a contemporary, romantic suspense. The background is complete and the overview is almost done.
Poems26-29: For Anthology7.
Poem30: For Anthology27.


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