Nettlefold Princess released on Kindle and Smashwords

Nettlefold Princess is now available on both Kindle and Smashwords. Of all the things you can do before breakfast, I hadn't thought of uploading a book until today. Enjoy!

All is not well in Nettlefold Hollow. Amity claims she see things in the shadows and refuses to go out at night. Her classmates laugh at her until she goes missing on the way home from school. When her best friend, Samantha, looks in Amity's locker and finds her diary, she learns that Amity was being haunted by a fairy prince. Who can she rely on to help her with a problem like that?

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Nettlefold Princess is just under 3,000 words long, and is the fourth story in the fourth Simpson Anthology, An Anthology of Worlds, which will be released in about a fortnight.


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