Bowing out of the latest TerribleMinds Flash Fiction Challenge – A Second Game of Aspects

Okay, so in last week's challenge we had to choose three random genre aspects and blend them. That was such a blast that I thought I’d give this week’s a whirl. Uh oh.
The topics were as follows:
1.      Splatterpunk: I have no idea what this is, but it’s probably graphic. Uh, this could be difficult.
2.      A Space Station: Can do.
3.      A Funeral: hmmm, now why do I think this project just went terribly south?
So, task one. Let’s go find out what splatterpunk is. Google is your friend… no, really :-).

Okay, now, the truth is I have discovered I can write this stuff, and I have works in progress with strong elements of it, but I’m not comfortable with it, and I’m definitely not ready to publicly own it. It also doesn’t yet have a place on this blog because if I write it, I’ll be writing it under a pen name which may have a page here, or a blog of its own; I’m still deciding. Sooo, with a mild feeling of self-disappointment, I’m shying away and chickening out of this week's challenge.
I *did* re-roll the first element to see if I could still participate, but the story was already there. Funeral, space station and splatter. It’s not going away, so I am bowing out and waiting for next week’s challenge… while noting down the bones so I can work on it at my leisure. I’m just not ready to share.
Go check out terribleminds for links to the latest crop of challenge stories. They're due in by the 21st. While you're there, go check out the rest of Chuck Wendig's blog.


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