Progress Report Week 3 September 2012

Not a lot achieved this week – worked three 10-hour days, and dedicate one other for family time. Also, art work development is taking a bit of time.

Current Projects

Made the following progress on my current projects this week:

  • ·         DarkFantasy1A: +2,000 words; and
  • ·         ShortStory41: 1,000 words total, titled Blood and Iron.

Publishing and other Non-WritingTasks

The following publishing tasks were completed this week:

  • Updated blog 4 times;
  • Continued building art skills (very time-consuming, but worth it… and fun!)
       o   Learnt how to create the ‘mist’ effect in Gimp;
       o   Learnt how to cut an image out so that it has no background to obscure previous layers   
                     in Gimp;
       o   Learnt how to import an image as a layer to an existing image;
       o   Learnt how to add colour to an image layer background so it blends with the existing 
                     background; could not work out how to create the ‘mist’ effect as part of an image layer
                     background without placing the mist effect layer over the image as well… suspect it
                     may not be possible.
  • Purchased first stock images for covers.
  • Started black-line drawings for ChapBook10A.
  • Took out membership in a convention.
  • Booked a day of workshops to improve writing craft.
  • Bought resource books.

Backburner Projects

The following projects have received a little love this week:

  • Novella3A: +1,000 words for PenName1;

New Arrivals

The following ideas arrived this week:

  • RPGSupplement1A-D arrived this week: Variations on halflings, including one I promised to develop a long time ago. This will be a backburner project.
  • RPGSupplement2A-D also reminded me it existed: The theme on this one is shapeshifters.
  • RPGSupplement3A-D about insects, bugs and possibly arachnids;
  • RPGSupplement4A-D about dinosaurs, just ‘cos.
  • RPGSetting6 is a bit steampunky.
  • ShortStory41 based on terribleminds flash fiction challenge due 14 September 2012. Completed and uploaded 13 September 2012.


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