Progress Report: Week 4, June 2015

Some more readjustments to the schedule and a more satisfactory result, especially as my back went, and then I caught the flu. Editing, formatting and publishing will be added in soon, although I have started on that, as well.


  • New words produced: 7,578
  • Old words revised: 0
  • Works completed: 28 (for inclusion in 2 larger works)
  • Works revised: 0
  • Covers created: 0
  • Works published: 0
  • Works submitted: 0
  • Competitions Entered: 0
  • Bloggery: 0

Overrun Task

This short story decided to be longer than the allotted space, so it will appear as an overrun task until it is complete.

  • ShortStory61-Seppelitus: Added 2,768 wds


  • YoungAdultNovel1A—Orb Wielder: large print print-on-demand formatting commenced on CreateSpace

Publishing Tasks

  • Commenced formatting of works in queue 

New Arrivals

The following pieces arrived last week:

  • Poem527—Who Knows How Far Our Troubles Fly: a villanelle about life’s troubles;
  • Poem528—Shouting at the Stars: a villanelle about shouting at the stars;
  • Poem529—Zombies in the Real World: a contemporary speculative poem about current events;
  • Poem530—Sunset’s Promise: a contemporary poem about the weather;
  • Poem531—Why the Bells Toll: a crown cinquain about the reasons bells toll;
  • Poem532—Bell Tales: another poem about tolling bells;
  • Poem533—Footsteps in the Darkness: a dark fantasy poem about being stalked in the dark;
  • Poem534—The Marriage Bed and Partnership: a villanellesque poem about the changing understanding of the marriage ‘contract’.
  • Poem535—The Storm-Tossed Sea: a fantasy acrostic poem about sea journeys;
  • Poem536—Mermaids of the Deep: a fantasy name acrostic about mermaids;
  • Poem537—Story Paths: a poem about stories;
  • Poem538—The Trees and I: a contemporary poem about looking to the sky;
  • Poem539—Magic and Power: a series of cinquains about power and magic and the difference;
  • Poem540—Starships and Colonists: a science fiction poem about colonising the stars;
  • Poem541—Stargazer’s Dream: another science fiction poem about colonisation;
  • ShortStory444—Inquest into the Death of a Sorceress: a piece of flash fantasy fiction based on a piece of fantasy art showing a scantily clad sorceress and two dragons;
  • ShortStory445—The Urban Guardian: a piece of flash fiction about an urban guardian;
  • ShortStory446—The Rescue: a piece of flash fiction about a rescue;
  • ShortStory447—A Day in the Star Marines: a piece of flash science fiction about star marines doing their thing;
  • ShortStory448—Father’s Day Nightmare: a piece of flash science fiction about the sacrifice of soldier fathers;
  • ShortStory449—Pretty is as Pretty Does: a piece of flash fiction about qualities other than beauty;
  • ShortStory450—The Starships of Avanil: a piece of flash science fiction about a rescue;
  • ShortStory451—Of Giants and Trolls: a piece of flash fantasy fiction about giants and trolls;
  • ShortStory452—The Vampire Blight: a piece of horror flash about vampires;
  • ShortStory453—Creation of the Cascades: a piece of flash science fiction about the creation of a successful orbital civilisation;
  • ShortStory454—Protocols of Success: a piece of flash fiction about succeeding;
  • ShortStory455—The Psy Knows Best: a piece of flash science fiction about trusting your psy;
  • ShortStory456—The World Turns: a piece of flash fiction about change;


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