Catch-Up - Progress Report: Week 2, November 8-14, 2015

Last week, exams happened. No writing happened from the 8th through the 11th, but a ton of study and exam sitting did. Results are still not in, but I find myself wondering why I couldn’t get all this to click earlier. I also caught myself suppressing stories in order to be ‘disciplined’ and ‘focus on one thing at a time’. This is a bad idea for me, as I could write much more effectively on the focus project once I had the interest projects out of my head. A point to note for another day, but one I already do when I study.


New words produced: 569
Old words revised: 0
Outlines and Notes: 543
Works completed: 0
Works revised: 0
Covers created: 0
Works published: 0
Works submitted: 0
Competitions Entered: 0
Bloggery: 0
University Prep and Assignments: 3,204 plus uncharted hand-written notes, lecture watching, and rereading.

Back-on-Track Challenge:

Design covers for, edit, format, and upload the following:

  • Nil


  • Nil

New Writing

  • Nil

Publishing Tasks

  • Nil

New Arrivals

The following pieces arrived last week and are awaiting completion:

  • Novella21B


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