Catch-Up - Progress Report: Week 5, October 25-31, 2015

This week consisted of one exam, and the start of one final essay, as well as the last round of classes. It was busy. I had exams coming a fortnight later.


New words produced: 985
Old words revised: 0
Works completed: 0
Works revised: 0
Covers created: 0
Works published: 0
Works submitted: 0
Competitions Entered: 0
Bloggery: 0
University Prep and Assignments: 4,937 plus a lot of uncharted study

Back-on-Track Challenge:

Design covers for, edit, format, and upload the following:

  • Nil


  • Nil

New Writing

  • Nil

Publishing Tasks

  • Nil

New Arrivals

The following pieces arrived last week and were completed:

  • ShortStory605—Public Life: a piece of flash fiction about living in the spotlight;
  • ShortStory606—The Invisible Refugees: a piece of flash fiction about refugees;
  • ShortStory607—Snake Treasure: a piece of flash fiction about snakes and what they treasure


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