Progress Report: Week 3 November 15-21, 2015

This was the first week after university ended—a week I’d set aside for catching up with everything I knew would have to go by the wayside if I was to hit the assessments right, and went okay. I started putting in 3,000 words on my NaNo novel instead of the usual 2,000, and discovered that 2,000 was my comfort point for a day’s work on a single project, even with an outline. I caught up on housework, but there’s still a ways to go, and I kicked off my walking program… again. Honestly, who’da thunk it would be so hard to just go for a half hour walk in the morning and evening of every day? It’s like trying to write a poem and a piece of flash each day—not as easy as it sounds. I also started in on the garden, although forgot to take pictures, and I even continued with attempting to develop a sleep pattern, which is not easy when your partner is a shift-worker. All in all, a good week, and a good way to start working on that whole life-balance thing I keep hearing about.
And speaking of life-balance, I took a good, hard look at what I’d learnt about what I could and couldn’t do, this year, and I made a few adjustments—yes, I changed the publishing schedule again. You’ll see more pre-releases, and at least one release every second month up to June. I’m aiming at a release every second month through to January 2017, and then on slowly filling up the months in between, while maintaining the twelve-month lead time. This will give me more time to study next year, and hopefully mean less worry about, and more consistency with, releases. We’ll see how it goes.

New words produced: 16,659
Old words revised: 0
Outlines and Notes: 618
Works completed: 8 (for inclusion in two other works)
Works revised: 0
Covers created: 0
Works published: 0
Works submitted: 0
Competitions Entered: 0
Bloggery: 2,246
University Prep and Assignments: 0

Back-on-Track Challenge:

Design covers for, edit, format, and upload the following:

  • Annual25A—C.M. Simpson: Short Stories and Poems from 2014, Vol. 1: changed publication date to January 2016; it was December 2015.
  • Annual25B—C.M. Simpson: Short Stories and Poems from 2014, Vol. 2: changed publication date to March 2016; it was December 2015.
  • Annual25C—C.M. Simpson: Short Stories and Poems from 2014, Vol. 3: changed publication date to May 2016, was December 2015
  • SciFanNovel1A—Freeman’s Choice: changed publication date to July 2015; it was November 2015


  • Annual27—366 Days of Poetry: changed the publication date to September 2017, was January 2016
  • Annual28—366 Days of Flash Fiction: changed the publication date to November 2016. was January 2016

New Writing

  • Nil

Publishing Tasks

New Arrivals

The following pieces arrived last week and were completed:

  • Poem651—My Shoes are On: a short horror poem about shoes, feet and faces;
  • Poem652Parking Lot Shades: a horror poem about the shadows in the parking lot;
  • Poem653In the Silence, In the Dark: an urban horror poem about being stalked in the dark;
  • ShortStory611—Obedience: a piece of flash fiction about obedience;
  • ShortStory612—To a Candle: a piece of speculative flash fiction about hunters and the hunted;
  • ShortStory613—Shadows of Glass: a piece of speculative horror flash fiction about the threat of shadows);
  • ShortStory614—Uninvited: a piece of horror flash fiction about vampires.


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