Ingress: The Via Lux Adventure Medal—Day 3

Sorry, no location pictures—and no badge pictures for today. I had to visit the tax agent, because it’s really time to get that done, in Australia, and then we were busy getting the yard in shape for the annual house inspection that renters go through, here. I now have two lovely garden beds, a mowed lawn, trimmed trees and bushes, and four mulch buckets starting to make dirt from scratch. A pretty good day’s work, but not much Ingress. Despite that, and despite visiting places I’ve already been, I still managed to hack some portals, and two of them were one’s I’d missed. So, slow start, but a win, in spite of it.

Via Lux Progress:
Day 1: 5 uniques visited
Day 2: 30 uniques visited
Day 3: 2 uniques visited

P.S. The scanner has had an update, and there are voices on my scanner… Why are there voices on my scanner? And what do they mean?

 It is definitely time to move.


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