Ingress Walking: A Mission by the Lake

I know it should be pokemon, but, for a couple of weeks, now, I’ve been trying to complete a mission series. Missions earn you badges, and mission series badges usually form pictures, in a mosaic kind of way. Missions give you walking routes, so that you can take yourself exploring while you're getting fit, and missions give you an added purpose for being where you're being and going where you're going. They make exercising easier, and, yes, more fun.

I’ll talk more about my current mission series later, but, today, I thought I’d take you for a stroll by Lake Burley Griffin, for Part 10 of the Explore Canberra mission series designed by Enlightened agent, delta284.
 Here’s what the badge looks like:

If you’re on foot, this mission is best done from the Carillon portal, as you can catch a bus to the next mission location in the series not far from the stop at the other end. To get to the National Carillon start point, you can either walk down from the city, or catch a bus that travels to a stop on Constitution Avenue just past Anzac Parade, and then walk. Action has a handy “Trip Planner” function that can suggest a route and a bus.

The mission, itself, takes a half hour or more to complete, depending how distracted you get by other nearby portals, or by capturing, linking and fielding, as you go.

This day I chose to walk from the city. It was Sunday, sunny and not too cold – absolutely beautiful!
First stop is the National Carillon on Aspen Island. It’s beautiful, see?

After you’ve hacked this portal, head back up the hill towards the line of flags. This is the National Police Memorial of Australia. It is stunning. You need to view the waypoint on your scanner, but there is a portal, there, as well. When you are in range, touch the orange tear drop to open up more information about it. Then touch the back arrow to return to your scanner. You can also hack the portal, but it won’t count towards completing the mission. It will count towards your Explorer’s badge, though.

Head back down the hill towards the Carillon, and then follow the path right. This will take you to a very large anchor—the HMAS Canberra Memorial. This memorial commemorates the sinking of the HMAS Canberra at the Battle of Savo Island in 1942. You have to hack this portal.

There are public toilets near this portal. I don’t recall seeing any others along the mission route, although there are others in the gardens.

Your next stop is the Merchant Navy Memorial, which recognises the Merchant Navy which contributed to efforts in both world wars. It is beautiful, especially in spring, when the cherry blossoms are out. You need to hack this portal.

Following the path along the lake shore, you will pass a point called the R.G. Menzies walk. On the day I walked this mission, the Canberra Times Fun Run was on, so I couldn’t get a clear picture. I did get close enough to hack it without trouble, though.

Keep following the lake around, until you come to a small cottage. This is Blundells’ Cottage. Once home to a bullock driver, named George Blundell, it has stood for over 150 years. It was being repaired on the day I visited, so I didn’t go inside.

Choose a path that follows close to the lake shore. This particular day, I chose one that was a little away from the water, rather than right along it, due to the number of runners and walkers, so I didn’t get a shop of the memorial plaque for Gallipoli Reach. I did, however, take a nice shot of this pumping station, also dedicated to Gallipoli Reach, and I was able to get close enough to make the hack for the mission.

The next portal you encounter as you continue along the lake shore, is the statue of this handsome dude—Sir Robert Menzies. He has been, so far, Australia’s longest serving prime minister, and led the country during World War II. You can have your photograph taken with him, if you like, but don’t forget to complete the mission hack before moving along.

Crossing the weir, continue along the lake front until you see a flagpole on the slope of a small hill overlooking the lake. This is the flagpole presented to Australia by the Canadians in 1957. If you’re here on July 1, you will see the Canadian flag flying from the top instead of the Australian flag. The portal here is called “Canadians Ahoy”. Don’t forget to complete the mission hack as you go past.

After passing the flagpole, continue to walk until you see what looks like a world globe made of wire. This is the Captain Cook Memorial Globe. It is part of the Captain James and Cook Memorial, the other half of which is the water jet that shoots out of the lake in a direct line with the globe, hence why this portal is called “Captain Cook Memorial Jet Canb”. It is your last hacking point in this mission. Don't forget to rate the mission when it asks.

If you are doing this mission as part of a series, and you want to get straight into the next part, follow the path slightly right until you reach Commonwealth Avenue. Do not go under the bridge, or cross the road, but go up to the road and walk back to the bus stop on the side you finished the mission on. From here you can catch a #1 or #2 bus to the Australian National Mint, which is where the next part of this series is located.
And happy hunting! Now, go; it’s time to move.


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