Babes in London: For Those Who’ve Played The Fire Within

There is an official adventure for the Fireborn setting called The Fire Within. It has been designed for PCs who don’t know of their previous existence as dragons, and contains stat blocks that will be useful for those running Babes in London. You can source it from DriveThruRPG.

A Note on Existing Stat Blocks: I will not be reproducing any material that can be found in a published product, as that would be a breach of copyright. You will need the published products to access these. All are available from DriveThruRPG.

Fireborn: Player's Handbook
Fireborn: Gamemaster's Handbook


Now, that that’s out of the way, here are the notes that might help in incorporating characters who’ve played The Fire Within, and including their past experiences, into this adventure arc.

If the PCs have played ‘The Fire Within’

  • Learning of the Seer of Cathach: If the group has played The Fire Within module, they have heard of the Seer of Cathach from Emblae (The Fire Within, 2004:36-37). How he conveys this information to them depends on you, the GM. He may have ‘heard it in a dream’ or he may remember meeting her and retell the meeting as a dream when asked by them.
  • Dealing with the Gehenna Consortium: If the group is currently being patroned by the Gehenna Consortium, the PCs are the operatives in the park. They will be protecting Alice McIntyre as she searches the area for the ‘source of power’ the Consortium has detected in the area. Alice will not participate in any flashback scenes unless otherwise specified. PCs will still be drawn into the investigation by the police, and the Consortium instructs them to follow the game in play to its conclusion before delivering the children and their families into its hands.
  • Dealing with LN7: If the group has been given a ‘friendly’ assessment at the end of The Fire Within, the LN7 operative assigned to them will also be in the coffee shop, but at a different table to Newspaper Guy. This operative is not interested in the children, only in the PCs; he, or she, has no contact with the other LN7 operatives in the area. If the group has been given a ‘neutral’ assessment at the end of The Fire Within, the fact that they are near the girls the night before they disappear will be enough for them to earn the ‘containment required’ designation. If they earn ‘containment required’ or have already been assigned the label, LN7 will put the pieces in place and spring an ambush to capture the PCs once they have reunited the families. If the PCs end up working for LN7 during the scenario, and perform satisfactorily, the ‘containment required’ designation may be downgraded to ‘neutral’ or even ‘friendly’. If the PCs end up working for LN7 during the scenario but continue to display the behaviours that earned them the containment designation in the first place, then the ambush will go ahead as before and PCs have earned entry to the adventure series titled Designation: Containment Required.


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