PokemonGo: Yesterday's Badge and Level Up - and Today's New Pokemon

So, even doing minimum pokegoing due to assignments, study and a hefty publishing schedule, I managed to start yesterday by earning this:

Of course, to earn it, my pokemon had to be knocked out of the gym for the hours to be counted, but that only means I can keep working towards being a battlegirl. This is what happens when I remember to stop at yellow gyms, feed the inhabitants, and add a new contestant, if there's space. Also what happens when I remember to give myself time to battle red or blue gyms when waiting for the bus or on the way to and from school.

And yesterday ended well, too:

Got to say, that last 1,000 takes forever!

Finally, I get off the bus to be met by this little guy - and those black-and-yellows that came with the level-up suddenly have purpose, because I still don't have enough candy to evolve one of my own.

He might not be too good at battling, but he fills a hole in my pokedex - and that's good enough for me :-) 


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