PokemonGo: Still No Raiding for Me (Error 33)

Well, on the upside it looks like Niantic has made some progress on the red-banner error that stops me from raiding. And, while I *still* could not have taken this big fella down on my own, it's a little disappointing that, months after their introduction, I still can't enter raids. Mind you, what a *very* pretty pokemon - and it came to visit not once, but twice in one day. What are the chances of that happening again? <sigh>

So, this is this morning's effort. Notice that I'm still being asked if I want to "rejoin" the battle, when I've never been part of it to start with. I suspect this might be part of the error, but I can't be sure. Anyway, you'll also notice the intriguing (33) at the end of the Error message, and the more detailed message, which is an improvement on the single-word message I used to get.

And this is from the same gym this afternoon. Same error message,but I wasn't quick enough to screen-shot it.I will also note that this is the first time I've been able to catch my pokemon facing off against a raid beast, so that was pretty exciting, too, even if I was errored out straight after each shot.

Like I said, it is a very pretty pokemon. I'm hoping it, and all the others are around by the time this glitch gets fixed.


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