Progress Report: Weeks 3-4 August, 2017

Well, August started really well… and then it went very, very pear-shaped. I have discovered I cannot sustain a good writing pattern during exams and assignment season, if I get sick. I guess it’s a good thing, I have only 9 weeks left of university, and then I can get down to business, maybe… It depends on whether or not I find work, and when it starts. Needs must, as they say. So, August...

Week 3 Progress (August 20-26)

  • New words produced: 2,168
  • Outlines and Notes: 0
  • Works completed: 0
  • Works edited: 0
  • Covers created: 0
  • Works published:2 (Fate in the Sun, Shades of Memory)
  • Works submitted: 0
  • Competitions Entered: 0
  • Bloggery: 0
  • University Prep and Assignments: 1,571




Week 4 Progress (August 27 to September 2)

  • New words produced: 13,317
  • Outlines and Notes: 545
  • Works completed: 0
  • Works edited: 0
  • Covers created: 0
  • Works published: 0
  • Works submitted: 0
  • Competitions Entered: 0
  • Bloggery: 0
  • University Prep and Assignments: 517

Writing News

Going back through my records, I see I have confused what I published and when, so, for clarity’s sake, Week 2 saw Starman’s Arrival edited and published, NOT Fate in the Sun and Shades of Memory. Fate in the Sun AND Shades of Memory were published in Week 3. <sigh>. Week 4, saw very little done on anything as I studied for exams and did some reading for my first assignment. Week 5, however, saw me sick, working through exams, and somehow managing to keep all bar 1 class attendance on track. Fortunately, the end of that week, and the end of August saw the end of exams, the end of the flu, and the start of the term ‘break’, and I recovered enough to do a bit of writing, and I laid down close to 13,000 words in two days, as well as working on my essay, and revamping next year’s publication schedule. Good times, right?

June-July Challenge: Babes in London

Nothing got added to Babes in London, this month – and I will have to do some solid work to catch up.

NOTE: This adventure is not sanctioned in any way, shape or form by Fantasy Flight. It is not an official product, and I am in no way affiliated with them or they with me. There is no relationship between us. This adventure is mine, for fun, and for you, because some of you asked me to finish it.

Also, if you like this adventure and want to play it, please go buy the official rulebooks from somewhere where the original creators and publisher of the setting will be paid. I got mine from a Melbourne game store, but I’ve found PDF versions of the Player's Handbook and the Gamemaster's Handbook are now available from DriveThruFiction. If you enjoy their world, this is the best way to thank them.

Ingress Updates

Ingress was maintained on a minimal basis, with activity occurring to and from school drop off and pick up, and to and from university. There just wasn’t the time for anything else. Somehow I managed to maintain my hacking streak, but I’m not sure how.

PokemonGo Updates

As with Ingress, PokemonGo was maintained on a minimal basis. I managed daily pokestop visits and catches and ended up doing an end-of-the-month evolution of a few, even managing to add a couple to my pokedex.

I think the most exciting thing was that I levelled up to Level 31, in spite of not having a lot of time, and then earned my gold Defender medal, so that was a pretty good week.

I caught my very first charizard (23/08) and Houndoom (31/08), and evolved a hitmontop, and machamp.










Other News

Of all the goals I had for Week 3, I kept up with class preparation, and managed to get Fate in the Sun uploaded, as well as starting my first assignment. Unfortunately, I did not finish that in the week that followed.


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