Ingress: Gold Creek Walk Mission Mosaic

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to do a 12-mission series set in Gold Creek Village, in Nichols, in the north of Canberra.

Time to Complete: It is possible to do this series in an hour at a brisk walk, however, if you glyph hack, capture, fully deploy and link it can take twice that time - and, if you are playing PokemonGo and spinning every stop, capturing each of the four or five gyms, and chasing down the wide variety of pokemon that you can find there, it can easily take you the three-and-a-half hours it took me.

This is a very straight-forward mission series with easily accessible portals, and hacking all that is required. It is a good way to get to know Gold Creek Village and become familiar with the wide variety of cafes, sculptures, and tourist locations to which it is home.

Terrain and Location Notes: 

Location Accessibility: Gold Creek Village can be reached by bus, or by car, and has ample free parking.

Traversing the Mission Series: If you park at the start of the first mission, you will walk two circuits of the village in order to return to your car. Missions should be completed in numerical order for the mosaic to make sense at the end. Each mission consists of a set of stop that must be done in a set order. It is best not to hack portals outside the mission until it is completed in case you hack a portal you might need at the start of the next mission. Not all portals are accessible from the road, and you will need to park and walk. There is a very slight gradient, but it isn't very noticeable. Most portals can be reached from a sealed surface such as a footpath, but a few are accessible from gravelled areas or pathways. It should be possible to do this series by wheelchair, although you might need to take a slightly more circuitous route to reach some portals.
Toilets: There are three public toilet locations: One is to the right at the end of the walkway leading from Federation Square, down the side of the T on the Square Cafe; one is opposite the entrance to the Australian Reptile Centre just off the arcade leading out to the car park in front of Cafe Injoy; and one is in the back of the building opposite the Green Herring restaurant. There are also other toilets located in public restaurants such as MacDonalds.
Meals: Gold Creek village is home to a good range of cafes, a fast-food restaurant, a pub, and several very nice restaurants. Food can be purchased at any of these venues, which are usually open on weekends, although hours may vary according to their target audience. Some restaurants are only open in the evening, and some cafes are only open during the day, for example.

Mission Medals: