Tuesday’s Short—A Matter of Justice

This week’s short story takes us from a a post-apocalyptic Earth, where magic has returned and elvesand trolls are real to what a contemporary Earth might look like with that same return of magic. Welcome to A Matter of Justice; it starts with a plane crash.

When the plane carrying P.O.S. Officer Schaeffer goes down, it’s no accident. She and her partner lose the prisoner they’re escorting to trial, and the local elves nearly lose their lives protecting the unicorns and a grove of dryads. With the aircraft and its passengers on the ground, Schaeffer has to secure her prisoner before the woman can create any more mischief—and with dusk closing, the local unicorns seeking vengeance, and the trolls beginning to stir it’s not going to be easy.

A Matter of Justice is available as a stand-alone short story at the following links: books2read.com/u/mdKeJR