Wednesday’s Verse—A Lonely Flight

This week’s verse moves from the urban fantasy fey to a staple of the fantasy stable—the dragon. It is taken from Another 365 Days of Poetry, a collection of mixed-genre poetry to be released later in the year, once both collection and cover are complete.

A Lonely Flight

I ran the night and half the day
I ran to hold the fear at bay
I ran and with ev’ry sobbing breath
I prayed that I’d not be caught by death.
I ran right down the mountainside,
I ran from where the dragon bides,
I ran ‘til I could run more,
and then I knocked upon your door.
Please shelter me, from what lies behind
I’m sure I left no trail to find
I’m sure that I’ve run far enough
I’m sure my steps left no print rough.
Please let me rest, perchance to sleep
and then, tomorrow morn, I’ll leave.
I’ll leave and never come again
Tonight I just need to shelter from the rain
My thanks, my everlasting thanks
of all good deeds does this high rank
and I will forever be in your debt
if I have escaped the dragon’s get.

You can find the first two poetry collections at the links below - although there are plans to reissue them with more genre-appropriate covers in the future. The third collection will be released later in the year.