More on trying not to suck too much - this time with pictures

So, the more I read, the more I hear that your first and best form of promotion is your next book. The thing that is said the next most often is that the cover is important. The third is editing. Sometimes these last two items are switched.

With this in mind, I took my latest edits and edited them once more, then formatted every title again using everything I have learned in formatting the last thirty titles. (I intend this to be the last time). Formatting and editing took a couple of days, but doesn't include the time I've spent editing them prior to putting them up the first time. Editing is serious business.

The final step I took was to try to improve my covers. For my romance, I have a professional cover artist, but that wasn't cost effective for the anthologies with their individual releases of short stories and poems so I worked on those myself. I used Dreamstime for raw art, then Gimp, PowerPoint, Snip and Paint for covers and kept things very simple. I'll be undertaking courses in Adobe and non-digital techniques next. There's stuff I want to do and just can't.

So, lesson two on trying not to suck to much resulted in the following covers:

An Anthology of Dragons

The Simpson Anthologies #1


An Anthology of Battle

The Simpson Anthologies #2

 An Anthology of Those Who Walk Among Us

The Simpson Anthologies #3

An Anthology of Worlds

The Simpson Anthologies #4


There are some amazing artists out there.


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