Ingress: How to Move A Mission Medal

A while back, I was doing a few single missions, when I noticed that my medals didn’t line up. Basically, where one mission mosaic had two badges on the line below it, the mission mosaic below it, had only one. This meant that when I completed a line of six, the bottom mosaics on my scanner wouldn’t line up to display their images correctly.

I knew the only way to move a medal was to re-do the mission, but, damn. How many of these suckers was I going to have to repeat? Well, it turned out to be five. Five!

So, I thought it might be interesting to screen-shot the process as I went along. This is what it looks like to move your mission medals around in order to realign.

I needed my scanner to go from looking

like looking like this:

See the difference?

In the first screen shot, there are two pieces of the sky-whale mosaic at the start of the line below the rest, but only one piece of the green F1 mosaic on the line below the rest. In the second screen shot (taken after I corrected the error), there is only one piece of the sky-whale mosaic at the line under the rest, but there is also only one piece of the green F1 mosaic.

I had to choose five missions to re-do, in order to make the correction, so I moved these:

And this is what it looked after I moved the first two:

At the bottom:

And at the top:

And after moving 3, it looked like this
      at the bottom                                                     and                                        at the top.


While after four, it looked like this:

at the bottom                                               and                                    at the top


 and after five - FINALLY! - it looked like this: 

at the bottom                                         and                                     at the top


Which, I have to admit, was a lot of work, just so I could do one more mission  (note the ducky)

and have the top row look like this.... .................and...............the bottom row look like this...

So, if you find you've messed up and your mission medals aren't sitting pretty, I hope this helps. Just remember that the layer below the mission you do again won't change, because you are adding it to the layer at the top so the gap is filled by it pushing the medals that were before it, into its place... or something like that.

And, now, it's time to move.


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