A Poem for Poetry Month: The False Gods’ Assassin

April is National Poetry Month in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It, and other poetry events can be found on the International Poetry Calendar on The Griffin Trust For Excellence in Poetry website.

I learned about Poetry Month last week, and meant to post a poem a day for the month, but time has gotten away from me, and I’m only returning to the idea now. Today’s poem is an ABC poem.

The False Gods’ Assassin

At last I get to see them,
Bringing lightning from the sky,
Calling all to come and see the
Deities they’ve become.
Each and every one of them,
Forever and a day,
Going about their business,
Hearing prayers they want to hear, holding biased sway.
In every part of their portfolio, aiding only those who pay,
Just so-called gods and goddesses going about their day.
Keep coming,” I whisper,
Looking to the sky.
Maybe you’ll get lucky.
Now is the time you die.”
One was never meant to live forever,
Putting one above the mortal coil.
Quickly I take aim and fire,
Reeling from the harsh recoil,
Seeking to move before the target falls,
Trying to find another of these misguided felons. They
Used to be just normal men,
Violence was their calling,
Was until they found a way to cheat death, by dirty means,
Xanthic turned their skins, now their eyes in darkness gleam.
Yes, to bring them down is right.
Zeroing in the god-slayers’ sights, I seek to end their sins.


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