Writing Life: Publishing for April

In addition to the eight titles already released, I’ve set up April’s releases. One, Bid the Moon Goodbye, is currently available, and the other, The Seeker from Hivrala, is available for pre-order. Both of these are available on Amazon and Smashwords, and will be available on DriveThruFiction.

When Jervis’s son has a melt-down at school, and takes on partial wolf form, it’s just a normal family crisis, but when the nurse warns that anti-Lupine activists have the family’s name on a hit-list, Jervis needs to get them off the moon—and fast. The only question is how—and the only way to find an answer is to find a helpful spacer in the best pizza bar on Lunar One… and then hope there’s a ship with room for three.

Sandfire is a dragon, a guardian of the mountains, and a servant of the Gatekeepers. It is her duty to collect those the Gatekeepers designate seekers and bring them to her masters. The only problem is that the latest seeker doesn’t want to go. Vestera doesn’t care what the dragon wants; as far as she’s concerned she’s not about to become a dragon’s pet—but now she has to choose: go with the dragon, or face the royal guard. If only she knew which was worse...


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