Update: Babes in London – No, I Can’t, But I Will

The Fireborn fan-fic adventure, Babes in London, is progressing, but it’s not going according to play and I’m going to have to rethink my approach. Turns out I can’t do 100 words a day. This is the progress so far, and what I’m going to try and do about it.

Progress for Week 1 (February 25 to March 3) was as follows:
* find the manuscript;
* find the adventure notes, and discover the outline was as complete as I'd hoped—right to the end;
* find the rules books;
* edit and touch up the Introduction and Overview, adding 220 words;
* continue writing, and add a total of 550 words.

Progress for Week 2 (March 4 to March 10) was as follows:
* go over the outline;
* edit and touch up Act I;
* edit and touch up Act II, Scenes 1-3, adding 226 words.

Progress for Week 3 (March 10 to March 17) was as follows:
* Nil, the flu put me in bed for four days, and then I had a house inspection.

Progress for Week 4 (March 18 to March 24) was as follows:
* Nil, I was still fluey, and had to catch up on missed classes, prep for this week’s classes, and prep for next week’s exams. No writing or publishing activities occurred here.

Progress for Week 5 (March 24 to March 31) was as follows:
* Nil, I had four exams this week, and had to catch up the publishing schedule before writing could commence. I also had to start on the first essay due in three weeks’ time.

Progress for Week 6 (April 1 to April 7) was as follows:
* Nil, as I tried to assess where I was at, what needed to be done, and the priority order. I have done that.

* I’m not shelving this project, but I think I need to wait until my next university break before I try it again. At that time, I will ‘owe’ this project 8,024 words. I will devote 2,000 words a day to it for the first 5 days in June, and that will bring me back on schedule. With any luck, it will also see this project finalised by the end of June.
* In the meantime, I will read over the rules and setting again, since reading can be fitted in around things that this piece of writing cannot.


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