Babes in London: Act Two, Scene Four (Leyila’s House, Part 3: First Floor)



ENTRY HALL: This is just beyond the front door. The entry hall has a mirror, shoe rack, coat rack, and umbrella stand. A beautifully painted landscape hangs on one wall above a wooden sideboard and you note the carefully arranged flowers that tower over the notepad and pen beside the phone. There are two doorways: the one on the left is open; the one on the right is closed. Both are made of a dark brown timber with inlaid patterns in the wood. From the open doorway, you can hear the sound of muted voices.

NOTE: For those that ask, the top page of the notepad is blank. (Using pencil rubbing will only reveal the telephone number for the police and the day’s date with DI Mullins written beside it. The flowers are the tall, reedy kind with yellow flowers – golden rod and cat-tail reeds (TH3 to identify), nothing fancy.

LOUNGEROOM: As PCs approach the doorway and become visible to those inside: The voices cease as you become visible in the doorway.

IF THE PCS ARE EXPECTED: The middle-aged man in a plain grey suit rises to meet you, hand outstretched in greeting: “Welcome, you must be the other investigators we are expecting.” He isn’t very tall, only about five foot, seven, but his build is wiry and muscular and his handshake is firm. He steps back indicating the man and woman sitting on the sofa. His gesture stops at the man. “This is Colin Andrews, Leyila’s father.”
The man on the couch will be taller than the DI when standing, and has the build of someone who was once quite fit, but who is now going to seed. His grey-blue eyes are underhung by shadows, and his face is pale with fatigue. “Pleased to meet you,” he says.
“And this is Laura Andrews, Leyila’s mother.”
The slender, dark-haired woman looks up at you briefly and you can see that, although she has been crying, there are lines of stubbornness that hint at an inner strength. She nods by way of greeting, then turns back to the photo album open on the coffee table in front of them.

NOTE: Allow some interaction before the PCs are guided upstairs to Leyila’s bedroom Go to Second Floor: Leyila’s Room. There is nothing of interest in the rest of the house, although they will be allowed to look if they insist.

IF THE PCS ARE UNEXPECTED: “What the devil are you doing in here?” The shout of angry surprise bursts out of the silver-haired, middle-aged man in a suit. “Stay right there! You’re under arrest!” He is already reaching for his phone, while the couple seated on the sofa behind him stare at you in shocked surprise.

NOTE: The DI calls for back-up and then draws his sidearm. He stands directly between the PCs and the Andrews. Play this one by ear. DI Mullins attempts to have the PCs arrested and taken to the station for questioning. He does not allow them to approach or speak to the Andrews. If they attempt to do so, he asks the pair to go through the door leading to the kitchen and join PC Petersen in the back garden. If the PCs approach, he warns them: “Stay back or I’ll shoot”. He only fires if they ignore the warning, or look like they will continue approaching the Andrews. The PCs have only one minute in which to escape before Constables Williams, Masters and Petersen reach the lounge room and entry hall. There is only five minutes before back-up arrives in the form of two squad cars and eight constables (who have been on stand-by at the station since the discovery of the disappearance of Anika’s parents that morning). PCs can try to calm the situation down, but require a Senses (Interaction) TH4 to do so. The same modifiers apply as for the Interaction test with the police officers outside.

DINING ROOM: The dining room looks as if it Mrs Andrews has yet to have time to clear it. There are breakfast dishes in two places, some marmalade, jam and butter on a central tray and a toast rack containing four pieces of stone-cold toast. The tea pot is also cool and two cups of tea have been standing long enough to form a milky rime on the surface. They are about half full. It looks as though breakfast was disturbed, and no one’s had time to get back to it.

NOTE (if PCs were expected): Breakfast was indeed disturbed by DI Mullin’s arrival. While he had made an appointment for today, he arrived much earlier than arranged because of the disappearance of Anika’s parents. No one has had time to get back to breakfast, although the PCs arrival causes Mr and Mrs Andrews to remember host obligations and the table is quickly cleared while the kettle is boiled for a fresh pot of tea. DI Mullins leaves them to this task while he escorts the PCs upstairs.

(If PCs were unexpected): Then the table and dishes are just the same, but no one gets up to make them a cup of tea—and they must make Stealth tests.

KITCHEN: The usual arrangement of cupboards, dishwasher, stove, microwave, oven and fridge. There are no plants on the ledge above the sink and last night’s dishes are still sitting in the drainer waiting to be put away. A tea-towel is neatly draped over them.

LAUNDRY: The laundry has one door leading off from the kitchen and another leading to the back garden. There are no dirty clothes in the laundry basket and the linen press is full of neatly folded sheets and towels. A washing machine, dryer and laundry trough take up all the space along one wall, with the other wall occupied by outdoor shoes and Wellingtons.

BACK GARDEN: Similar to Anika’s back garden with its flower beds and garden shed in the far left corner. The grass is neatly mowed and the clothesline is full of clothes belonging to the family. A child’s swing set can be seen under a tree in the right-hand corner of the yard. The clear outline of another police constable can be seen through the laundry window. He seems to be standing on the back step, looking out into the yard.

NOTE: This adventure is not sanctioned in any way, shape or form by Fantasy Flight. It is not an official product, and I am in no way affiliated with them or they with me. There is no relationship between us. This adventure is mine, for fun, and for you, because some of you asked me to finish it.

Also, if you like this adventure and want to play it, please go buy the official rulebooks from somewhere where the original creators and publisher of the setting will be paid. I got mine from a Melbourne game store, but I’ve found PDF versions of the Player's Handbook and the Gamemaster's Handbook are now available from DriveThruFiction. If you enjoy their world, this is the best way to thank them.


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