PokemonGo: Raid Woes

I mentioned not being able to get into gym raids, in yesterday’s progress report. It’s been a bit disappointing, but I figure this glitch will eventually work itself out. So, I tried to enter a raid on the 24th June, but, although the gym accepted the raid pass, and let me into the raid, it wouldn’t let me join the battle. After a dozen or so retries, I gave up in disgust and continued on my walk.
I tried, again, on June 25th. Similar results, but, this time I got to see the raid pokemon before being made to try restarting the battle. This happened half a dozen or so time, even with a restart of the game. The walk afterwards was good, in spite of this, and I caught several teddiursa and was able to evolve my first ursaring to compensate. Not a bad day, after all. The last time I tried was on June 26th. This is what happened – again:

I got to join the raid battle… and then the error occurred.

I left the gym and tried again – with the same results:


This time, I left the gym, turned off the app, and restarted my phone… to no avail.

At this point, I continued on my walk. It was pretty disappointing, but I’m not done yet. I haven’t done a full uninstall and reinstall of the app (simply because it’s working perfectly in every other aspect), or tried a different gym. If it happens the next time I try to join a raid, those might be on the cards. And if that doesn’t work, I can always ping the help desk at Niantic.


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